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Spring/Summer 2019 Limited edition Woolly Hugs’ bag!

Well here they are!










Our cotton tote bags make perfect bags for those WIPS and general woolly essentials, ooh and indeed a multitude of non woolly things too! They measure approx 38.5 × 42.0 cm.

For this season (channelling Woolly Hugs’ fashion week…) we are using a cool as can be MINT and a super glorious RASPBERRY which would look good as a mojito. Both are divine, how on earth will you choose?!

Bags cost £6 each and this includes P&P. Click here for the Shop! Or click on one of the images to get you straight through.  Or just go through the Shop tab on the Homepage.


Raspberry bags here so beautifully modelled by our friend Tel’s gals, you can see how gorgeous they look, and the gals are just lovely too! 😀



The Woolly Hugger Challenge!

Welcome to an exciting new Challenge to take us through to the summer, and say hello to these adorable Woolly Huggers….

(We appreciate these are all crocheted but as soon as we get knit/fabric versions we will be updating this page)









Our plan is that Woolly Huggers will be given to children going through very difficult times due to illness, bereavement, trauma, family separation here and abroad with some going to wonderful children living in extreme poverty in Belarus as part of our Christmas Hug project. We are working in partnership with the Rebel Yarnstormers and Seeded which is wonderful.

We would love to receive as many Woolly Huggers as possible!


We will take all Huggers to Victorious Festival in August to promote our woolly work, and a few may be used to fundraise our projects. With regard to this, if anyone would like to make extra for us to sell at this time, please let us know, or make it clear in your note when you send.



Crafting Info

  • The Woolly Huggers can be knitted, crochet or sewn, please use bright cheerful colours.
  • No fixed  size, but we are thinking approx 6 to 8 inch bodies.
  • Eyes must be sewn on or use toy safety eyes please, no google eyes or buttons etc.
  • Arms need to be long enough to tie round a wrist securely or maybe you would like to add  a velcro fastening.
  • Please use toy/safe stuffing
  • The pictorial guide below might be helpful (Thank you Tina!) we see that two six inch squares would easily make the body if going doing the woolly path.
  • Last posting will be July 1st and it will be to the South Coast address.






So who is up for the Woolly Hugger Challenge??!!

Please do join us, all hands on deck! And let your imagination run wiiiiiiiiiiiiilllllld, this is a fun project that will really  help use up scraps in your stash.

*We can’t stop ourselves calling them Bijoux bad bois 😀

Ooooooooo and YARN BOMBING!

  • All yarn bombing at the Victorious Festival will help draw the attention of folk to the woolly cause!
  • If anyone would like to make knit or crochet six inch squares in bright and cheery colours, single colour, mixed colour, up to you  (any yarn) to go towards bunting garlands that would be marvellous. Peskies in please!
  • And POMPOMS!! We are a keen pom pom bunch we know, so are hopeful some folk would like to make us pompoms for yarn bombing at Victorious Festival. The bigger the better, bright colours and any yarn is fine. Please leave a long hanging loop. Pic below is from Mia’s Wood of a pom pom yarn bomb we undertook there. Beautiful.

Any questions do message us. Thank you so so much! xx

We are having a Tortie Sortie!

Meet Fred the Tortoise!

Amigurumi folk, we’ve had a request from the amazing folk at the Children’s Family Trust (who receive our Snugs for looked after children) and we hope some of our lovely crochet friends will be able to help out. As you know we are always up for a challenge!

Because of confidentiality and privacy the wonderful CFT can’t put pictures of the children and their activities on any social media platforms, so they have come  up with an idea of a mascot!! The children wanted a tortoise that they could take with them to all their school trips, events etc and take pictures of them so they can them celebrate their achievements!! They even drew their ideas and the staff searched around and found Theresa’s pattern to match their work!

We are eternally grateful to the very lovely Theresa (from TheresasCrochetShop) because she has very kindly donated her pattern for our use to help these children, so altruistic, super kind and generous of her, and even more wonderful of her – she’s not from the UK, she’s from the USA! Her patterns are absolutely fabulous, totally gorgeous, very straightforward and can all be found over here…. on Etsy, please do check her out!

Thank you SO much again Theresa!!


So can you help us?

Thank you so much to lovely Ali O for being our tester, these are her Freds, she loved the pattern, she says…

it was very straightforward. I followed it exactly and it was fine, the pictures are really helpful too!

Ali has been able to come up with this info. The pattern itself calls for worsted weight, but we have used Stylecraft Special DK Chunky to make the Freds a little bigger, and she used a 5mm hook. It came out at approx 7.5” sitting down. 9” standing. We will happily send you a crafting kit, but each Fred takes

  • 46g meadow
  • 13g camel
  • 1 metre of dark brown
  • one pair of eyes, we used 15mm, solid black
  • We have stuffing here if you’d like to send flat to save on postage.


So who is up to join our Tortie Sortie??!!

We’d love 10. Deadline for the Freds is no later than Friday 14th June please, so we can get the Freds away to enjoy the summer with the children! Please send to Teddington.

Theresa has emailed the pattern, so if you would like to take part, please email us on admin@woollyhugs.com and we can forward it to you. If you do take the pattern, please only use for this project, please don’t share it and do buy a copy if you’d like to make more Freds for yourself!

Thank you!!

Top pic specially for any Fleabag fans 😀 x

Belarus Blog. One last afternoon and then time to leave

Thanks to our wonderful hosts and in particular Inessa’s daughter we had a fabulous tour of the sights and sounds of central Minsk. Too many photos so these just a few. Stunning.

Victory Square and the eternal flame.

The Chapel on the Island of Tears, built by women to remember the fallen Belarusian soldiers who died far away from their homeland.

Inside the Chapel. So beautiful

One of many fountains. She is vair proud of this photo 😀

The National Academic Grand Opera and Ballet Theatre of the Republic of Belarus

Inessa and Alesya leading the way

Our Lillet Spritzes (arf)

And back to Osipovichi by train a two hour journey, no one mention the loo!

And our time in Belarus had come to an end as it was an early start to the airport on Sunday Morning. Which was the Orthodox Easter Day. We’d been given these Easter biscuits as a gift. Beautiful.

This has been an extraordinary trip for us and it’s often been hard to find the words to express our emotions. We’ve met the nicest people going through the most challenging circumstances. Always so warm and friendly, generously welcoming us into their homes and work places. The love and care we have felt is truly something else.

We’ve come away inspired to do the best we can to do more. Seeing the children and families with our blankets, much loved and treasured in their homes was beyond wonderful for us. We hope that together the woolly crew can reach even more children. We are on for an increase this year already!

We’ve been inspired too by the love and devotion at Yasen, the childrens’ centre and at the Baby Home in Minsk where in both settings they maximise what they have in terms of resources, which are very little, but do so with such love, pride and dignity. Very humbling. Very inspiring. We want to help and are thinking on how and where, please watch this space!

We must thank Inessa, Irina, Aleysa and their families for looking after us so well. We’ve met Inessa and Irina before and it was lovely to see them again and meet the others. Valentina too. It was a privilege to meet Alexey, such a wonderful individual. And thanks to Nikolai for getting us around. Thanks too to Andy, Charlie and Our Tel for letting us crash their Bristol CLL visit to Belarus. They are all fabulous people and now great friends too!

So with hearts and minds full and totally exhausted it was time to leave. Check out the crocheted Osipovichi flag we were given at Number 3 school. Real treasure.

Good bye Belarus. We’ll be back!

Little bit worried they’d put us in the wrong row…

Taken of us coming in to Gatwick!

Thank you Belavia!

And lastly, welcome home, this taken by fond family waiting, their peace about to be shattered!

Thank you to everyone who has followed our Blog and for all your wonderful comments, support and enthusiasm. It has all meant the world to us. Thank you so much. xxx



Woolly Hugs 2019.