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Sending Hugs to Manchester

⭐️ Little Hugs for Manchester ⭐️

Urgent appeal, please can anyone help us ? We had to do something and have been speaking with the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital about sending Little Hug blankets to children and families there which they have said they would love. We are so glad. We do have some blankets already here, but we need to make some bigger blankets too (Chernob size) asap, can anyone help us in a very quick turnaround?

Please, we need 12 inch ideally or 6 inch squares in Stylecraft Special DK, in the palette below which we are calling Love and Light.

Last posting Wednesday 7th June, or before if poss. Please post to either the Teddington or South Coast address, we are sharing receiving them, but no worries we will bring them altogether for sorting. message if you need. Thank you. X







Love and Light palette
Cloud blue
Duck egg
Grass green
Kelly green

Please, just from these as it will help with a quick turnaround.

Simple or complex, made by beginner or expert, we genuinely welcome them all. It really is the love and thought that counts.

After this initial collection with your love and support we hope to make the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital one of our regular Little Hug recipients.

Please message us if you would like to donate funds or yarn to this project or if we can help you further.

Thank you doesn’t come close xxxx



Thank you to Ali O for the peg pics. xxxx


2017 Woolly knockers for community breastfeeding support in Portsmouth

This is a project to help community nurses who are on the hunt for more of these valuable props to enhance their breastfeeding support sessions. With so many babies born every year, they really do get through a lot!  Breastfeeding is not always easy, and the woolly knockers are fabulous to help with latching, feeding, positioning and expressing demonstrations, and are such a useful tool for both new mums and staff. Some of you will remember we ran very successful similar projects for the Brompton and Portsmouth a few years ago. Heading photo on this page from back in 2015. All the money in the world cannot buy this product so it’s a labour of love for the team. Thank you
“It doesn’t matter about the colour, shape or size, we are really thankful to everyone who knits and makes donations to us, and we would be very grateful to receive any more- the more the better!” 
We’d love to be able to help them, will you join us?

Crafting info…

  • The Knitting patteris here, on the Breastfeeding Network…
  • A suggested crochet pattern is here on Ravelry….You find others, do share any with us, so we can pass the info on. Thank you.
  • We’re suggesting any DK wool that can be machine washed, it is a great stash buster, but we can send you yarn if you need, please just message us. x
  • If you are able to stuff them, please do, but we will also love to receive them flat, cheaper for you to post too, and stuff this end, if this option, please leave a long tail for finishing off.
  • Once your knocker is finished, please contact us we will give you all the details for posting, it will be the Woolly Hugs, South coast address.
  • Women come in all shapes and sizes, we really aren’t making a standard knocker here, differences are good! If you need any more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.
We could do with more than a handful. 😀


Last posting to be Saturday 1st July. 

As ever, many thanks.
Bless you… and your knockers.  xx


Chernobyl 2017 – the second stage, delivery!

Hopefully lots of photos to come as the children receive their blankets, the first goes today to the six children visiting the Isle of Wight! Next will be to Portsmouth at the end of May.  Love, love, love this stage!

So our Chernobyl project collection for the Isle of Wight group is ready to go this morning, May 17th! Love in every stitch for the children who will receive these blankets. We hope they enjoy a fabulous and health boosting holiday. Thanks again everyone. xxx





The Blanket for Daffy

The blanket has arrived today, it is absolutely stunning and I can’t begin to say how grateful I am. The square with the red balloon floating out to sea made me cry. It will be a great comfort to me and I will get so much pleasure from the memories it will trigger.

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart. I only wish I could show it to my husband.

T x

Thank you so much everyone, our original thread is here…