Woolly Hugs is a friendly, busy online community making special blankets and other items, and is run entirely on a voluntary basis. Every moment of time given freely. But it goes without saying we do have costs.

It has always been our mission to be inclusive, crafting is expensive and some would just be excluded from our charitable work without the support of our donors and fundraising. Because our work is online, those isolated by ill health or geography can still pay a full part. The sense of a community is something greatly important to us, it is our aim to make ALL folk feel welcome.

Postal and delivery costs are high, hosting our website, occasionally renting storage space as we had to over Covid, it all costs. For example if we were to send one ball of yarn to a crafter to enable them to join us it would cost just under £5

Every penny donated will go directly to supporting our charitable work and we are truly grateful for every single one.

Thank you