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The Blanket for Echt

The blanket arrived via the FedEx man about half an hour ago on a cold, grey and windy winter afternoon. (School holidays at the moment). It’s lovely, and is currently draped over the back of the sofa. I’ll take a photo of it when the light is better, but have already sent a pic to our daughter. I’m so very grateful to the MN knitters, knotters and crocheting types. It couldn’t have arrived at a more apt time, quite apart from being close to when DH died, as this is the season when blankets, wraps and throws festoon the front room, the log fire is set going, and I settle down to the recently streamed “Handmaid’s Tale”.

Thank you for the (woolly) hugs.
Love, E


Lovely Echt is in Australia xx

Our original thread is here…..

She suggested the glorious colours of the Australian Outback as the colour theme, hope we achieved that xxx












The Blanket for Daffy

The blanket has arrived today, it is absolutely stunning and I can’t begin to say how grateful I am. The square with the red balloon floating out to sea made me cry. It will be a great comfort to me and I will get so much pleasure from the memories it will trigger.

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart. I only wish I could show it to my husband.

T x

Thank you so much everyone, our original thread is here…



The Blanket for ImpatientWino

Oh, my, it’s AMAZING!!!!! The colours are incredible. I have sat and ran my fingers over such clever and beautiful squares, I’ve sobbed and smiled and have wrapped it round me and S and I sat and spotted the animals!

I honestly cannot believe the effort and skill and the time that people have taken to make this blanket for us, William’s anniversary is only a few weeks away and I felt so close to him today whilst looking at it.

The bunch of daffodils is just so incredible. I’m so so grateful to the lady that made them, as they aren’t around all year it will be great to be able to concentrate on their brightness in December. They are going to go in a glass vase that belonged to my late wonderful grandma and will take pride of place of my shelf.

I feel such warmth and love from people that has gone into this gift and honestly it bowls me over. The kindness and support I have received from mumsnet and woolly hugs has been incredible (and in fact better than from some of my own family and friends)

William and his loss have taught me so much about myself and others this last year and though my heart aches terribly I’m trying to pick up the pieces and find a way through this new life. S is our world and give us a reason to keep smiling through our tears.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Woolly hugs will always have my support. E xxx

About MN Blankets

Our beautiful blankets have been made by a community of Mumsnetters wanting to show their love and support to fellow Mumsnetters and their families facing heartbreaking and devastating loss. Some contribute by crafting, others by donating funds or wool, all playing a full part,  It is hoped that the blankets can offer some comfort to the families. If they get one ounce of love from their blanket then it’s all worth it.

The blankets have come to be known as Woolly Hugswe are sending them love and wrapping them in a warm hug.

“When I’ve finished my not very well knitted squares, I sort of sigh and think, well they aren’t very good, but you look at the picture of the finished blanket, and you really ‘get’ it. The whole thing, so various and beautiful, the feelings behind it, so many people contributing, wanting to send comfort and love.”

“My wool has just arrived! The colours are beautiful, pink and blue. Please tell my donor I am proud to knit with it on behalf of us both. There is something incredibly special about receiving this wool from a friend I don’t know and to be doing something so precious with it. Big big thanks…..”

Mumsnet is sometimes accused of being shouty and cross (and it can be) but put simply, there are few better places to get support when you need it most. These blankets and the work and love behind them shows just how much of a community Mumsnet really is.” Justine Roberts, April 2012, CEO and Co-Founder www.mumsnet.com & www.gransnet.com