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The Blanket for peachgreen

Oh, you wonderful, wonderful women. I barely know what to say! It arrived today and it is so utterly beautiful!

I cried and cried when I opened it, but in a nice way. You have encapsulated so many of the wonderful memories I have of Mike and our life together. Lyla and I snuggled under it tonight while we were watching TV together and she said “it’s like Daddy is givin’ us a cuddle!” And it really DOES feel like that. It sounds silly because obviously if he was here we wouldn’t have it, but I so wish he could have seen it, he would have loved it so much.

What you do here is a beautiful thing. To give up your time and money for a complete stranger – it is just staggeringly generous. But please trust me when I say that it is worth it. I will treasure this blanket for the rest of my life – and Lyla will treasure it beyond that, throughout hers. It is the most beautiful and special thing I have ever owned and I am so grateful to you all for the love and kindness you have shown me.

I wish I could thank you all enough, or in person. I’m so touched. Thank you.

Our thread is over here…  Thank you so much everyone, so much love for peach and her daughter xxxxx



A Blanket for UtterlyEthereal

Martin’s blanket arrived yesterday and I wanted to say a massive thank you to all who contributed.
It would have been his 21st birthday this week, so emotions have been running high.
I was so overcome that I couldn’t even open the parcel yesterday!
This morning I did open it – and then could hardly see it for tears.
We hear so much negativity about the internet, yet here we have a group of complete strangers who have done something so overwhelmingly kind that I am blown away by you all.
So this is to tell you how much we love and appreciate your thoughtfulness.
The blanket is so beautiful that I can’t stop looking at it, drinking in all the hours of time and effort that have gone into it.
It might well be the best gift I have ever received.
My own Grannie was good at knitting and tried to pass on her skills to me. The only item I ever made was a dolls scarf and it was so tight it was like a piece of thick cardboard. I never got passed that, but I can certainly appreciate all the time and skill and love that has gone into making this fabulous tribute to my much loved son.
All 99 squares are incredible. I can’t believe the skills that you have and please accept my deepest gratitude for this wonderful, woolly hug.
If I was a bit more technically minded I would attach a photo of it, stretched out across our double bed, it’s new home.
I know you have others to knit for and as I can’t help in a practical way, I would like to contribute some money for wool so that other bereaved families can receive a personal tribute to their loved ones too.
Thank you so, so much. I hope these inadequate words go some way to letting you all know what a treasured possession you have given us xx

Our original thread is here…. Love to Ethereal and family. Remembering Martin xxx

A Blanket for the family of NormaStanleyFletcher

Norma had been a Mumsnet regular over the years across the boards, with a real zest for politics, feminism and strong opinions about Boris Johnson, as anyone at the MN 15th birthday party will tell you. Remembering THE Heckle which was epic. Love her for it. She also ran the Christmas appeal which would have been an astonishing amount of work. She cared enough for others to make it happen. Norma genuinely touched the lives of so many here on Mumsnet, ours included. Such a compassionate beautiful soul.

It was desperately shocking to hear of her death in August. She had been very ill and in the end her body couldn’t cope any more. Devastating for her husband and their wonderful children, their families and friends. They will miss her terribly.

Norma really wasn’t one to burden others with her worries, but was a very kind and selfless friend. So supportive of others. Generous to a fault in many ways, and very bloody entertaining. We can all learn from her.

Our original thread is here…

As you will remember, we made a second blanket to Auction for Refuge and this will take place during our Christmas 2021 sale. The family blanket is on the right, the Auction one on the left.

Thank you so much everyone xxx

The Blanket for aloneinthenight

Ladies, my blanket arrived in the post this morning. I am overwhelmed. It is so beautiful and I can’t believe how much work has gone into it. I shall certainly treasure it.
The timing is perfect too, it’s Fred’s birthday next week, and soon the anniversary of this death. These two things, as well as the end of lockdown, have made the last few weeks tough.

It means so much to me that you have thought of us in the way.
You’re all ruddy lovely, Louise x

Our original thread is here…