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The Blanket for the family of WhatWouldLeslieKnopeDo (Chrissie to many)

WhatWouldLeslieKnopeDo (Chrissie) touched the lives of so many, ours included, and it is incredibly sad to think she is gone. Leslie was an extraordinary generous, compassionate soul and we were lucky to know her, she was inspirational and gave unstinting support to many people on this site and elsewhere too. She was just 28 when she died, only 21 when she was diagnosed with a genetic colon cancer. Life has been very cruel, absolutely tragic.

Leslie was an absolute rock to those folk on the Mumsnet cancer support threads, she organised them for years, always making time for others even when she was so ill herself, many handholds offered, gently encouraging, wise beyond her years, and the threads that still run are a legacy, a truly loving, giving, supportive safe place.

She was an absolute stalwart on the Woolly Hug threads, always ready to join in, ready to help someone else. She and her parents have made so many gorgeous things over the years, super snuggly scarves and mittens for refugees, Billie’s Blankets for children with cancer. Extraordinary. So many children and adults feeling their love and support, both at home in the UK and much further afield.

There aren’t enough words to explain how highly we thought of her, how much she was loved on here. We can all learn from her, anyone who came into contact with her did.


So glad we could make this for her folks, thank you so much everyone.  Our original thread is here…



The Woolly Hug for AliceRR

The blanket is absolutely beautiful and is something we will treasure forever. It is so lovely. You are all so talented! The surprise frame that was in the middle of the blanket is gorgeous too and it is up on the wall. I’m just so touched that you all spent so much time doing something for us. The cards… I was so emotional unwrapping it all. The kindness of you all and to know so many people we don’t know were thinking of us and of precious Ruby, who we want everyone to remember.

Thank you so much. I really love the blanket and the framed picture. Please can you thank everyone for me or let me know if there is a way to get a message to you all. Needless to say, my husband felt the same way and just said “how do we say thank you for this?” I still don’t know.

I hope you all have a lovely Christmas and wish you all the best for 2020.

Our original thread is here…

Thank you so much everyone for all you do xxxx

The Blanket for AndNoneForGretchenWieners

Hello all, I just wanted to drop by to thank you all so much for my beautiful woolly hug. I am blown away by the detail that had gone into it, I love the chips and waves, the dolphin, the fabulous detail on the galleon. The colours are perfect too! I can’t explain how completely humbled I am to think that kind and lovely knitters around the country have collaborated to make such a personal gift for me.

A massive thanks to everyone xxx

Our original thread is here… Thank you so much everyone xxx

The Blanket for SanJunipero

To everyone who contributed to our beautiful Woolly Hug,

Our blanket arrived this morning and it’s so, so lovely. I can’t imagine the hours and hours of work you all must have put into it – and you’ve never even met us. Thank you from the bottom of my heart; I love it, and promise we’ll treasure it forever.

There are so many beautiful little details; I’ve spread it out on the floor to look at and keep noticing new things – flowers, stars, rainbows, our initials, chicks, tea and cake, sewing, Harry Potter, little birds… even a hedgehog! Everything she loved is there.

I’ve been showing our son the blanket, and he particularly loves taking the little guinea pig and chick out of their pockets smile He was nine months old when my wife died and turned eighteen months last week, so he’s now got to the point where he’s had longer without her than with her. That’s been a sad thought for me over the past few days, so our Woolly Hug arrived just at the right time.

Thank you all again so very much.

C xxx

The Blanket for J’sotherhalf’s family

Wow, thank you doesn’t even cover it!

I’m the “J” in JsOtherHalf, and the stunning blanket you’ve made in K’s memory arrived today. It’s beautiful and myself and my son love it 💜 I’ve had the kitchen and dining room remodelled and the footstool storage for the new kitchen sofa is a perfect home for the blanket.

Next month will be one year since K passed away and she’s missed every day. She spent much of her online life on Mumsnet, using her experience of working with children with learning difficulties to good use with advice where needed. I’m proud that she meant enough to people for you to make this in her memory. Thank you x

Or original crafting thread is here…

Such a beautiful pic of their son with the Woolly Hug, thank you so much J xxxx