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The Blanket for peachgreen

Oh, you wonderful, wonderful women. I barely know what to say! It arrived today and it is so utterly beautiful!

I cried and cried when I opened it, but in a nice way. You have encapsulated so many of the wonderful memories I have of Mike and our life together. Lyla and I snuggled under it tonight while we were watching TV together and she said “it’s like Daddy is givin’ us a cuddle!” And it really DOES feel like that. It sounds silly because obviously if he was here we wouldn’t have it, but I so wish he could have seen it, he would have loved it so much.

What you do here is a beautiful thing. To give up your time and money for a complete stranger – it is just staggeringly generous. But please trust me when I say that it is worth it. I will treasure this blanket for the rest of my life – and Lyla will treasure it beyond that, throughout hers. It is the most beautiful and special thing I have ever owned and I am so grateful to you all for the love and kindness you have shown me.

I wish I could thank you all enough, or in person. I’m so touched. Thank you.

Our thread is over here…  Thank you so much everyone, so much love for peach and her daughter xxxxx