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Like so many of you we are utterly horrified by the unfolding news from Afghanistan…

Like so many of you we are utterly horrified by the unfolding news from Afghanistan. The terrifying triumph of the Taliban and its impact are devastating. Scenes at Kabul airport are truly desperate as folk attempt to escape. We’ve been asked what we can do to help refugees fleeing the country, thank you so much everyone, and we have a plan in two parts. We can’t solve this but if we can help some folks then we will do our best.

Part One. Refugee families in the UK

Through Alexsis at Seeded we learn that nine Afghan families are being urgently resettled in the Portsmouth area, these families have fled the country to escape hideous repercussions from the Taliban. Two families are already here. With the wonderful Seeded crafters, we’d like to make each family a beautiful blanket, full of love and compassion, to let them know they are welcome, folk are thinking of them and wish them well. Initially these nine, but if we learn of and confident we can reach other resettled refugee families around the UK we’d like to extend this.

So we are looking for 12 or 6 inch squares, knit or crochet, multicoloured is great single colour too. Mixed colour traditional grannies would work very well. Our main photo shows Islamic art with the mosaic style. Anyone who can recreate this kind of thing in wool, please do so.



Just in Stylecraft Special DK so we know the blankets will be consistent in terms of wash and wear, and in these colours please which are very popular in Islamic geometric art, seen in stunning tiles and prints. they are also colours appropriate to Portsmouth!

  • silver as an accent only please
  • cream
  • gold,
  • sherbet
  • turquoise
  • empire
  • pistachio
  • copper
  • gingerbread
  • spice
  • French navy

Alexsis is hunting out gorgeous patterns..

from Polly Plum





Another beautify from Polly Plum





The possibilities are endless, these are just suggestions.

To Teddington please with a deadline of September 20th.


We would very warmly welcome any financial donations to help with this. If this could be you, thank you.

We are a Cooperative business account in the name of Woolly Hugs, Account 65579631, Sort – 089299. Please do say Afghanistan as the reference.  Or our Paypal address is admin@woollyhugs.com.

Part Two. Our Ongoing Refugee project

This is our ongoing project to help displaced families and will include those who have left Afghanistan. Click here….. We know we can’t help everyone, but we will help as many as possible.

6 or 12 inch squares ONLY in shades similar to the picture. Or whole blankets but only in these types of colours. If making the whole blanket the most useful for agencies are those single bed sized.

You do not have to use Stylecraft Special DK, any good quality soft acrylic DK is perfect acceptable. but in shades similar to these. No lighter please.


All ends must be sewn in securely, please do ensure that you make your square usable.

Please note we cannot accept second hand or used blankets for this project.

Posting for this will be after November 1st


Heartfelt thanks everyone xxxxx