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The Blanket for shefliesonherownwings

Remembering beautiful baby Isla. November 10th 2019. Our original thread is here…  Thank you so much everyone xxx

DH and I opened the Woolly Hug on Tuesday which was Isla’s first birthday and we were blown away by how beautiful it is. The care and love that has gone into it is evident and I didn’t expect anything so lovely and huge! We loved the frame with Isla’s name in it too and it has pride of place in the nursery.

We really are so so grateful to everyone who donated their time and money to putting the blanket together and it is so wonderful to have something for Isla and James that has been made with so much love by people that don’t even know us. It has really filled my heart with so much joy and I look forward to treasuring it forever. I really can’t thank you all enough for doing this for us. We are very thankful and grateful. Sending so much love to you all.

Chernobyl project 2021

We have been speaking with the Trustees at Chernobyl Children’s lifeline about potential visits by the children they support to the UK during 2021.

We think we can all see that ongoing covid could well be a determining factor, and indeed they confirm the UK and Belarus need to be essentially clear. No-one would want to bring over already health compromised vulnerable children if there is any risk. Add into this the increasing civil unrest following the Belarusian  presidential elections and you can see there is substantial doubt over the visits to the UK next year. We are devastated for the children who didn’t come this year and worried about those who may not be able to visit next year.

The process of getting the children visas is very lengthy. Normally the process of getting children over begins each January, so you can see there is time pressure here too. We wish it was better news. The CCL Trustees meet in December and we may know more then.

We have this year’s collection in safe storage and should visits to children in Belarus take place next year, we propose trying to get these blankets out to them. But every blanket made for this project will go to these children.

Lovely folk have been contacting us about this project and we think our advice would be to wait, we may know more in December. It might be tempting to crack on, but a Chernobyl project blanket is both expensive and time consuming, so please do wait.


As soon as we know anything more we’ll be back.


All love G&G x

Make a Hat for Choose Love

We urgently need warm cosy hats to go with our blankets to Choose Love in LARGER ADULT SIZES ONLY, and please in dark muted colours similar to those shown below. It is so important that hats are deep enough to cover ears easily and most of the forehead, as modelled by Flo!

There is a very tight turnaround, and although we had stopped making hats for our Refugee project, we are keen to support this if possible. The deadline is to HAVE ARRIVED BY NOV 1ST. No later please as you will literally miss the boat. Please message for an address, it is somewhere new to us this time.

Thank you so so much xxxx


Refugee Project. Revised September 2020

Refugee project posting window is open now and until Easter.

The address will be Southsea.

We are sure you have probably heard about the fire that has been raging in the Moria refugee camp in Greece. Absolutely devastating. The refugees there now have nothing and there are so many children. Winter will soon be upon them and they are terribly vulnerable. COVID is beginning to make an impact too. It’s relentless. Almost 13,000 people have been displaced from the camp, and thousands are thought to have lost their shelters and all possessions.
We have been asked via the group Portsmouth Cares to team up with Choose Love to help get resources over there. Every little bit will help these folk directly. Initially we were asked about sending blankets, but we’d like to see what we can do to help Phase one as well.
This really is a tight turnaround and we are obviously opening this project for posting NOW rather than wait.

Phase one
They urgently need the following items
Shower gel
Nappies (all Sizes)

If you wanted to send items, possibly using Amazon etc might be a good way to make this easier. Totally up to you. One small thing will help one person. It really is a human to human connection and the sharing of basic needs.
This will all be shipped out to Greece around the 5th October. If you’d like to help with any of these items, bless your heart. THANK YOU. Please get these to our Southsea address BY OCTOBER 1ST. No later please xxx


Phase two
We are collecting refugee project blankets. Any size but obvs the larger the better. Again to Southsea. We are collecting squares too but unlikely these can be made up before this first deadline. There will be others.
They are also collecting tents and sleeping bags. If you have these, we’d love to take them too.
The deadline for refugee project blankets (tents/sleeping bags) to go to Moria Refugee camp in Greece is BY NOVEMBER 1ST. No later please xxx

Unless we hear otherwise, just the things as above.

These colours please for blankets and squares. Any good quality acrylic DK is fine, thank you.





















Truly everything will help. If you are thinking you’d like to send funds, please do directly to Choose Love
Honestly. The hugest thank you. We are so well placed here to help make a difference. These are just families like ours. The difference being luck at birth. Bless you for even reading this far

You will have read that we have been revisiting our Refugee project following increased challenges to get items to folk who need it most, and this was before Covid came on the scene. Heartbreaking as the need is very much still there.


We have decided that the best thing for us to do is concentrate on blankets, so will be not be asking for clothing. Apologies as we know how keen folk are. If this is something you’d like to continue making, have a look at Knit for Peace as occasionally they collect such treasure.


What we are collecting now

6 or 12 inch squares ONLY in shades similar to the picture. Or whole blankets but only in these types of colours. If making the whole blanket the most useful for agencies are those single bed sized.

You do not have to use Stylecraft Special DK, any good quality soft acrylic DK is perfect acceptable. but in shades similar to these. No lighter please.

All ends must be sewn in securely, please do ensure that you make your square usable.

Please note we cannot accept second hand or used blankets for this project.


Where and when to post…

We are still operating our Posting window for this. It has worked will for us. So the Refugee project window is open between November 1st and Easter, the address will be Southsea.


Thank you so much for your continued support. Sad we could not continue as we were doing.



The Blankets for TQ’s wonderful daughters.

Our lovely TQ. TwitterQueen. We thought the world of her, she touched the lives of so many and we were all better for it. It was absolutely devastating when she died from ovarian cancer. Fuck cancer. Life was epically cruel to this beautiful woman.

We send our love and thoughts to her wonderful girls of whom she could not be more proud, her love for them shone like the brightest star, and we think of all who love and miss her everyday. We will remember TQ with hearts full and a big smile as we recall her in a dinner plate sized super sparkly badge at our Hugathon in September 2018. Epic!

She was a MNer for many years and will be sorely missed by so many of us here. The love and support she gave to so many folk on the cancer support thread was quite extraordinary, even when she was so ill herself. We were constantly in awe of this wonderful, thoughtful, super intelligent, caring, bloody funny woman. She sought to raise awareness of ovarian cancer which is often called the ‘silent killer’. She really wanted more women to be aware of what few symptoms there are and in doing so undoubtedly saved lives.

How lucky we were to know her. We were so glad to be able to send Woolly Hugs to her three daughters, she herself had contributed to so many, it was an honour. Her three daughters chose their own colour schemes and we hope we did TQ proud. We miss her.  Our original thread is here…


Starting off with some pictures of the blankets all together, then a closer look at each.  Pippa’s in shades of purple, Jess in pink and purple, Bobby (Roberta) in yellow and blue.

For Pippa…




For Jess…


For Bobby….



Thank you so much everyone xxx