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Woolly Hugs at the Carry on Crafting Festival!

We are delighted to be working at this fabulous summer festival in West Sussex (20th and 21st July 2024) and will be introducing more crafters to our wonderful charity. There are still tickets to be had,  click on this link if you think you might like to come to the festival, and if you do,  please pop in to see us! It would be awesome to see familiar faces and Huggers, do let us know if you are coming!

From the Carry on Crafting team….

After the great success of our first two festivals, we are doing it all again! We are pleased to announce we are staying at the South of England Showground, which is set in 150 acres in Ardingly, West Sussex, with easy access by road, train or plane.

We are going to be packing in even more this year! So expect more crafts, more craft classes, more craft demos, more raw materials to buy, a fabulous craft market, fabulous food, shopping and of course you don’t have to leave as you can camp, and this year you get to stay for THREE nights! (19th, 20th and 21st) The festival is open to the public 9:30am to 5:00pm on Saturday and 10:00 am to 4:30 pm on Sunday. Don’t forget we are dog friendly so you can bring your furry four legged friend with you as long as they remain on a lead.


We plan to run Hugathon type workshop sessions throughout the weekend, focusing on our Snug project,  getting folk to make 6 inch squares.  We will be providing yarn. There is no booking needed for this, it will be a drop in activity.  Hopefully it will be busy and great fun.

Here’s how we’d love some preparation help from you, if possible please! (1)

We’d love your help in two areas if at all possible please. Firstly we’d love to create a gorgeous super long summer festival pompom garland to decorate our event tents. ( And we plan to then to use for Hugathons after)  So we are asking for folk to make and send as many pompoms as they can manage. We have chosen the palette below to keep a theme. It is SSDK,  Whatever size pompoms you’d like to make, that’s what we’d love to receive! Thank you!

Summer festival palette for pompom garland! All Stylecraft Special DK


Here’s how we’d love some preparation help from you, if possible please! (2)

Secondly, we’d love to have some small items for sale. We will be seeking donations from crafters for our Hugathon workshops, but any fundraising we can do at the festival will be great,  Given the nature of the festival, which is much more adult than say Camp Bestival which focusses on the whole family, we have spent some time thinking about what to ask for, and we have some ideas, you may well have others.

  • Bunting – everyone LOVES bunting. This could be sewn, knitted, crocheted etc.
  • Pocket friends, no bigger than palm size. Would suggest cute.
  • Book marks
  • Covered tape measures
  • Sewing type needle cases
  • Mini wreaths
  • Hanging decs – birds, hearts etc
  • Bracelets
  • Bangles
  • Coasters
  • Cards
  • Lavender bags
  • Pencil/ hook cases
  • Hair accessories
  • Brooches
  • Keyring/bag rtags
  • Pin cushions]face scrubbies
  • Covered notebooks
  • Animal headbands

Any help would be so gratefully received, we can’t thank you enough!

Last posting please to be July 1st, the address will be Teddington. please message us if you need this. THANK YOU!