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The Blanket for DrLouiseJMoody

Afternoon Everyone!

It’s here! It’s 2 pm and I’m upset like an idiot because J would LOVE it so much! All the Star Wars and scrabble references. It. Is. Brilliant.

A bit overwhelmed (in the best possible way) and can only say THANK YOU.

It’s on my bed for now and feels a bit like a weighted blanket so hopefully I’ll sleep well. The actual Scrabble is on it at present.


A Made Up Me 🧡

The Blanket for GoJetterGirl

Dear Woolley Hug Friends

I want to give a heartfelt thank you to everyone who contributed to Ben’s wonderful Woolley hug, you captured my special little boy perfectly, I can literally fee the love that has gone into every stitch

Today would have been Ben’s 8th birthday, I was unsure about how I would be coping today, this wonderful Woolley hug (delivered today!) has brought me so much comfort and a hint that perhaps my little boy made sure I was destined to receive it today to make sure that I had the comfort I need

thank you so so much, Ben in one of his lucid moments before he passed asked if all the messages I was reading him were from “mommy’s friends” and I can honestly say that even now, mommy’s friends have her back and continue to help me, love, GoJetterGirl xxx

Our original thread is here, sending so much love to the GoJetters family and remembering Ben. Thank you so much everyone xxxx

The Blanket for shefliesonherownwings

Remembering beautiful baby Isla. November 10th 2019. Our original thread is here…  Thank you so much everyone xxx

DH and I opened the Woolly Hug on Tuesday which was Isla’s first birthday and we were blown away by how beautiful it is. The care and love that has gone into it is evident and I didn’t expect anything so lovely and huge! We loved the frame with Isla’s name in it too and it has pride of place in the nursery.

We really are so so grateful to everyone who donated their time and money to putting the blanket together and it is so wonderful to have something for Isla and James that has been made with so much love by people that don’t even know us. It has really filled my heart with so much joy and I look forward to treasuring it forever. I really can’t thank you all enough for doing this for us. We are very thankful and grateful. Sending so much love to you all.

The Blankets for TQ’s wonderful daughters.

Our lovely TQ. TwitterQueen. We thought the world of her, she touched the lives of so many and we were all better for it. It was absolutely devastating when she died from ovarian cancer. Fuck cancer. Life was epically cruel to this beautiful woman.

We send our love and thoughts to her wonderful girls of whom she could not be more proud, her love for them shone like the brightest star, and we think of all who love and miss her everyday. We will remember TQ with hearts full and a big smile as we recall her in a dinner plate sized super sparkly badge at our Hugathon in September 2018. Epic!

She was a MNer for many years and will be sorely missed by so many of us here. The love and support she gave to so many folk on the cancer support thread was quite extraordinary, even when she was so ill herself. We were constantly in awe of this wonderful, thoughtful, super intelligent, caring, bloody funny woman. She sought to raise awareness of ovarian cancer which is often called the ‘silent killer’. She really wanted more women to be aware of what few symptoms there are and in doing so undoubtedly saved lives.

How lucky we were to know her. We were so glad to be able to send Woolly Hugs to her three daughters, she herself had contributed to so many, it was an honour. Her three daughters chose their own colour schemes and we hope we did TQ proud. We miss her.  Our original thread is here…


Starting off with some pictures of the blankets all together, then a closer look at each.  Pippa’s in shades of purple, Jess in pink and purple, Bobby (Roberta) in yellow and blue.

For Pippa…




For Jess…


For Bobby….



Thank you so much everyone xxx

The Blanket for Twittlebee

Thank you so so so so much, it’s so so so beautiful! I cannot believe how gorgeous and huge it is, it’s so lovely! Proper has me welling up, it’s so bitter sweet xx

Our original thread is here. Remembering their beautiful Roy xx

Thank you so much to Twittle for sharing this adorable photo of Roy’s new baby brother on their family’s blanket xxx