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The Blankets for TQ’s wonderful daughters.

Our lovely TQ. TwitterQueen. We thought the world of her, she touched the lives of so many and we were all better for it. It was absolutely devastating when she died from ovarian cancer. Fuck cancer. Life was epically cruel to this beautiful woman.

We send our love and thoughts to her wonderful girls of whom she could not be more proud, her love for them shone like the brightest star, and we think of all who love and miss her everyday. We will remember TQ with hearts full and a big smile as we recall her in a dinner plate sized super sparkly badge at our Hugathon in September 2018. Epic!

She was a MNer for many years and will be sorely missed by so many of us here. The love and support she gave to so many folk on the cancer support thread was quite extraordinary, even when she was so ill herself. We were constantly in awe of this wonderful, thoughtful, super intelligent, caring, bloody funny woman. She sought to raise awareness of ovarian cancer which is often called the ‘silent killer’. She really wanted more women to be aware of what few symptoms there are and in doing so undoubtedly saved lives.

How lucky we were to know her. We were so glad to be able to send Woolly Hugs to her three daughters, she herself had contributed to so many, it was an honour. Her three daughters chose their own colour schemes and we hope we did TQ proud. We miss her.  Our original thread is here…


Starting off with some pictures of the blankets all together, then a closer look at each.  Pippa’s in shades of purple, Jess in pink and purple, Bobby (Roberta) in yellow and blue.

For Pippa…




For Jess…


For Bobby….



Thank you so much everyone xxx

The Blanket for Twittlebee

Thank you so so so so much, it’s so so so beautiful! I cannot believe how gorgeous and huge it is, it’s so lovely! Proper has me welling up, it’s so bitter sweet xx

Our original thread is here. Remembering their beautiful Roy xx

Thank you so much to Twittle for sharing this adorable photo of Roy’s new baby brother on their family’s blanket xxx


The Blanket for Willowkins

The beautiful, soft, warm, woolly hug arrived safely yesterday (I armed myself with a glass of wine when I opened it in case I was a bit wobbly). Thank you so much for the love, skill and dedication that you and the WH crew have shown me and my family. The Norwegian Blue and related squares are inspired but there are so many squares that will provide comfort and remembrance in the months and years to come – especially the anniversary of his death which is just a few weeks away now. This is so precious and I know that money can’t buy this but I would like to make a donation to help get the wool to the knitters so you can all keep going. When I get a chance, I will take a photo and send that to you too. Thank you.  Willowkins

Our original thread is here…

The Blanket for the family of Oldsilver

Just devastating. Like many we just couldn’t take it in that Oldsilver had died so suddenly and unexpectedly from a heart attack in April. Utterly shocking. Words really do fail, we are just so very sorry life has been so cruel to her and truly devastating for her DH, young son, family and friends. She was a total legend here on Mumsnet, posting on many boards, but her true love was with the Nobdies, and they too will miss her terribly.

Our original thread is here….