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The Blanket for GoJetterGirl

Dear Woolley Hug Friends

I want to give a heartfelt thank you to everyone who contributed to Ben’s wonderful Woolley hug, you captured my special little boy perfectly, I can literally fee the love that has gone into every stitch

Today would have been Ben’s 8th birthday, I was unsure about how I would be coping today, this wonderful Woolley hug (delivered today!) has brought me so much comfort and a hint that perhaps my little boy made sure I was destined to receive it today to make sure that I had the comfort I need

thank you so so much, Ben in one of his lucid moments before he passed asked if all the messages I was reading him were from “mommy’s friends” and I can honestly say that even now, mommy’s friends have her back and continue to help me, love, GoJetterGirl xxx

Our original thread is here, sending so much love to the GoJetters family and remembering Ben. Thank you so much everyone xxxx