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Bee’s Blankets in 2023

Introducing Bee’s Blankets

This project has been inspired by not only our friend Bee but by others who have children with autism and also by wonderful people who have either been diagnosed with dementia or Alzheimer’s or have had to support loved ones whilst often feeling helpless to know how to support them..
A few times now we have been asked to help families out on a one to one basis with lap sized sensory blankets for wonderful folk who may have dementia, alzheimer’s or autism.These blankets can be a soothing, stimulating  and comforting resource and the feedback we have had from those we have made has been very positive. We’d like to help more fabulous individuals and so are looking to develop this into an ongoing project with your help.

Bee’s Blankets

There are plenty of ideas to be found online, they are called many things – Sensory Mats, busy blankets, fidget blankets etc, but we have come up with some guidelines.

  • Bee’s Blankets MUST be machine washable. Everything MUST be sewn on securely and then securely! They must be safe and sturdy.
  • Blankets to be lap sized only, so from 50cm up to one metre, no bigger or smaller please.
  • Blankets can be made in wool, fabric, fleece and need to have interesting textures. This does not need to be too complicated, a classic granny square by its nature is very tactile.
  • Please do add on extra fiddly bits, but these MUST be securely fastened so as not to put the recipient  at risk.
  • Suggested extras include zips, ribbon, plastic rings, pompom trim, toggles etc. . All must be very secure!




Woolly example of a Bee’s Blanket