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The Kinship Hug Project.

Our next two collection dates to aim for…

  • Saturday 28th October
  • and Saturday 28th January 2018!

We are asked from time to time to help families or individuals within our own WH community going through incredibly difficult, bleak or sad times, by sending them a blanket full of love and comfort. We see these as helping folk who need support and compassion. Can you help us? We would be so very grateful. We would love to collect 12 inch ( or 6)  squares in Stylecraft Special DK to make blankets, and have some colour schemes to work from. This will help us in compiling and donating to families. Just from these colours please, simple, complex, single colours, multi (within a collection), all very welcome indeed. We also welcome knitters and crocheters equally to this project.






WH classic: Lavender, plum, violet, emperor, storm, meadow, cypress, denim, petrol, sage






Vintage: Duck egg, grape, sage, storm, parchment, pale rose, pomegranate, raspberry, cloud blue, sherbert



Spiced: Plum, gold, meadow, cypress, pistachio, lime, saffron, burgundy, spice, tomato, claret, mustard.