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The Summer of Woolly Love, 2018!

Welcome to the Summer of Woolly Love, 2018!

We are hoping to make as many 6 and 12 inch squares over the summer holidays focussing on adding to Snugs, Kinship’s Traditional and Classic palettes, plus Candy’s Hugs and hope you will be able to help us. So a little summer holiday project if we may, a perfect lightweight portable activity, perfect for sofa, park, beach, plane or car, 6 or 12 inch squares in the colours below – we can help there, just message us if you need yarn to be able to take part, this is an inclusive project, but please only take yarn if you will be able to use it, fundraising is a constant worry for us, and we need to be sure folk’s money is spent carefully!

All these squares will go to very much needed blankets for individuals, very much in need of a cosy comforting Woolly Hug.

  • The yarn is Stylecraft Special DK. Just this please for consistency, and in these colours…
  • Squares to be 12 inch or 6 inch, crochet or knitted equally welcome, please use 4mm hook or needles. No blocking necessary and please sew in ends, and make sure any colour changes are firmly knotted.
  • All crafting abilities genuinely welcome, squares made by beginner or expert will be equally cherished. Simple, complex, single colour, mixed colour. It really is the love and thought that counts.


Important re finishing off squares!

We want to be able to use all squares, and need for them to be sturdy and built to last. Finishing off is key here and very easily done. So once finished (or changing colour)

  • Securely double knot off
  • Leaving about 6 inches of yarn cut the end off.
  • Then using a needle, sew in the ‘pesky” end so that it disappears in the edge of your square.
  • All squares must have their ends sewn in please.

The palettes

Please make sure your squares fit in to one of these…

The Snugs’ Palette










Kinship Hugs. The Traditional palette






Kinship Hugs. The Classic palette






The Vibrant Riot palette for Candy’s Hugs.










If you would like to learn how to knit or crochet in 2018, crack on! We are on hand to help talk you through.. YouTube has lots of tutorials, you WILL find one that suits! 🙂

If you feel ambitious and would like to make a whole blanket, then that is wonderful, we are aiming for blankets approx 48 inches by 60 inches, certainly no smaller.


Squares to be sent to us from September 16th, do say in your note they are from this event!  Address will be Teddington, do message us if you need it.

We are on Facebook – Woolly Hugs and Twitter too @Woolly_Hugs both are good ways to keep in touch.

Thank you so much x