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A Blanket for UtterlyEthereal

Martin’s blanket arrived yesterday and I wanted to say a massive thank you to all who contributed.
It would have been his 21st birthday this week, so emotions have been running high.
I was so overcome that I couldn’t even open the parcel yesterday!
This morning I did open it – and then could hardly see it for tears.
We hear so much negativity about the internet, yet here we have a group of complete strangers who have done something so overwhelmingly kind that I am blown away by you all.
So this is to tell you how much we love and appreciate your thoughtfulness.
The blanket is so beautiful that I can’t stop looking at it, drinking in all the hours of time and effort that have gone into it.
It might well be the best gift I have ever received.
My own Grannie was good at knitting and tried to pass on her skills to me. The only item I ever made was a dolls scarf and it was so tight it was like a piece of thick cardboard. I never got passed that, but I can certainly appreciate all the time and skill and love that has gone into making this fabulous tribute to my much loved son.
All 99 squares are incredible. I can’t believe the skills that you have and please accept my deepest gratitude for this wonderful, woolly hug.
If I was a bit more technically minded I would attach a photo of it, stretched out across our double bed, it’s new home.
I know you have others to knit for and as I can’t help in a practical way, I would like to contribute some money for wool so that other bereaved families can receive a personal tribute to their loved ones too.
Thank you so, so much. I hope these inadequate words go some way to letting you all know what a treasured possession you have given us xx

Our original thread is here…. Love to Ethereal and family. Remembering Martin xxx