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The Woolly Hugs for lovely BOF’s family

We knew her time left with us was short, but the news of Bee/BOF’s death was still a terrible shock, we send so much love to her family and her many, many friends who love and will miss her greatly.


Reading everything we have, the thing which really strikes us is how much she was loved. As a significant presence on MN, she was a proper good egg, astute, kind and funny. So many benefitted from her incredible sense, passion and support. She ALWAYS knew what to say it seemed. This was replicated over on Facebook, for those in her amazing reading group, and of course to those who counted her as close friends in the real world. She gave of herself so freely. Touching the lives of so many, she was beautiful inside and out. I constantly felt in awe of her. We were lucky and went to her wedding, and this is how we will remember her, this glorious vibrant epic woman in absolute love. We just wish we’d known her better and for longer. Those who did, you were truly blessed.


However we knew her, we were the lucky ones

Our original crafting thread is here

We made four blankets, so that each of her direct family could have a Woolly Hug with them and know how much we loved her. So for her husband Lee, her two beautiful adult daughters and her mum. Thank you everyone, it was a big challenge, but one achieved easily in the end. We’d chosen our colour theme to match her wedding and hope this worked well. The core of each blanket was the same as folk made four matching squares to cover across the set.

Lee was seriously emotional and grateful to receive them, bless him, they will all miss her terribly. Huge love to him and all missing her wherever they are xx