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The Summer of Woolly Love 2020

Whilst in many ways it feels like it is till about March, it is indeed August and we go on our summer break from Friday 7th August until Monday 14th September, posting to ushers now stopped and it restarts on September 12th. We can’t thank everyone enough for all your hard work, compassion and enthusiasm, we know now that the Woolly Hugs crew are made of stern stuff. This year so far has been utterly exhausting in many ways and we are so truly grateful to the Woolly Hugs crew for keeping the faith and the wool going!

We know that many of you love a summer break project, some of you certainly need to be kept out of mischief 🙂 and if you need yarn to take part, please do message us.

Our first project is for those who enjoy amigurami and this will be making special Giraffes, Gertie Giraffe who is crocheted and Ginny Giraffe who is knitted. They are for very sick children at the Great North Children’s Hospital to celebrate their 10th anniversary.  All crafting info is here, these giraffes are utterly adorable!

Our second project is the Snugs for Christmas, this year we will be supporting Looked after children (in foster care) in the Yorkshire area and are delighted. We welcome whole blankets and squares. Please do check the crafting info carefully. It is all here…..


If you are looking for even more things to do, please also check out our Christmas Cwtch project and Christmas Craft Sale!


We are so truly grateful for absolutely everything you all do. Please do have a restful summer. Stay well, message if you need us, we will be around to help messages etc, but possibly not every day.  Huge love to you and yours

Ginny and Gertie xxxx

Will you join the Spotty Pose this summer and make a Giraffe for the Great North Children’s Hospital?!
The 2020 Palette for our Snug for Christmas project, all help welcome, thank you x