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The Woolly Hugger Challenge!

Welcome to an exciting new Challenge to take us through to the summer, and say hello to these adorable Woolly Huggers….

(We appreciate these are all crocheted but as soon as we get knit/fabric versions we will be updating this page)









Our plan is that Woolly Huggers will be given to children going through very difficult times due to illness, bereavement, trauma, family separation here and abroad with some going to wonderful children living in extreme poverty in Belarus as part of our Christmas Hug project. We are working in partnership with the Rebel Yarnstormers and Seeded which is wonderful.

We would love to receive as many Woolly Huggers as possible!


We will take all Huggers to Victorious Festival in August to promote our woolly work, and a few may be used to fundraise our projects. With regard to this, if anyone would like to make extra for us to sell at this time, please let us know, or make it clear in your note when you send.



Crafting Info

  • The Woolly Huggers can be knitted, crochet or sewn, please use bright cheerful colours.
  • No fixed  size, but we are thinking approx 6 to 8 inch bodies.
  • Eyes must be sewn on or use toy safety eyes please, no google eyes or buttons etc.
  • Arms need to be long enough to tie round a wrist securely or maybe you would like to add  a velcro fastening.
  • Please use toy/safe stuffing
  • The pictorial guide below might be helpful (Thank you Tina!) we see that two six inch squares would easily make the body if going doing the woolly path.
  • Last posting will be July 1st and it will be to the South Coast address.






So who is up for the Woolly Hugger Challenge??!!

Please do join us, all hands on deck! And let your imagination run wiiiiiiiiiiiiilllllld, this is a fun project that will really  help use up scraps in your stash.

*We can’t stop ourselves calling them Bijoux bad bois 😀

Ooooooooo and YARN BOMBING!

  • All yarn bombing at the Victorious Festival will help draw the attention of folk to the woolly cause!
  • If anyone would like to make knit or crochet six inch squares in bright and cheery colours, single colour, mixed colour, up to you  (any yarn) to go towards bunting garlands that would be marvellous. Peskies in please!
  • And POMPOMS!! We are a keen pom pom bunch we know, so are hopeful some folk would like to make us pompoms for yarn bombing at Victorious Festival. The bigger the better, bright colours and any yarn is fine. Please leave a long hanging loop. Pic below is from Mia’s Wood of a pom pom yarn bomb we undertook there. Beautiful.

Any questions do message us. Thank you so so much! xx