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We are having a Tortie Sortie!

Meet Fred the Tortoise!

Amigurumi folk, we’ve had a request from the amazing folk at the Children’s Family Trust (who receive our Snugs for looked after children) and we hope some of our lovely crochet friends will be able to help out. As you know we are always up for a challenge!

Because of confidentiality and privacy the wonderful CFT can’t put pictures of the children and their activities on any social media platforms, so they have come  up with an idea of a mascot!! The children wanted a tortoise that they could take with them to all their school trips, events etc and take pictures of them so they can them celebrate their achievements!! They even drew their ideas and the staff searched around and found Theresa’s pattern to match their work!

We are eternally grateful to the very lovely Theresa (from TheresasCrochetShop) because she has very kindly donated her pattern for our use to help these children, so altruistic, super kind and generous of her, and even more wonderful of her – she’s not from the UK, she’s from the USA! Her patterns are absolutely fabulous, totally gorgeous, very straightforward and can all be found over here…. on Etsy, please do check her out!

Thank you SO much again Theresa!!


So can you help us?

Thank you so much to lovely Ali O for being our tester, these are her Freds, she loved the pattern, she says…

it was very straightforward. I followed it exactly and it was fine, the pictures are really helpful too!

Ali has been able to come up with this info. The pattern itself calls for worsted weight, but we have used Stylecraft Special DK Chunky to make the Freds a little bigger, and she used a 5mm hook. It came out at approx 7.5” sitting down. 9” standing. We will happily send you a crafting kit, but each Fred takes

  • 46g meadow
  • 13g camel
  • 1 metre of dark brown
  • one pair of eyes, we used 15mm, solid black
  • We have stuffing here if you’d like to send flat to save on postage.


So who is up to join our Tortie Sortie??!!

We’d love 10. Deadline for the Freds is no later than Friday 14th June please, so we can get the Freds away to enjoy the summer with the children! Please send to Teddington.

Theresa has emailed the pattern, so if you would like to take part, please email us on admin@woollyhugs.com and we can forward it to you. If you do take the pattern, please only use for this project, please don’t share it and do buy a copy if you’d like to make more Freds for yourself!

Thank you!!

Top pic specially for any Fleabag fans 😀 x