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Belarus Blog. They made us run…

Already Friday and today we were off to School Number 3 in Osipovichi to meet more children coming over to Bristol in the summer. How exciting it must be and what a huge step for them and their parents. It’s been great for us to see these preparations at this stage of a visit.

The Headteacher Anatoly gave us a guided tour of the secondary school and was very proud to show us their war museum complete with a huge array of artefacts, photos, posters and books. Warcraft is a school curriculum subject here and we got to meet the teacher Yuri.

Then we’d been asked to join in with an English lesson for a primary class which was about to take place on the field. It’s great for the children to hear English spoken by English speakers

Charlie had given the school the parachute two years ago so fabulous for her to see it so successfully used. So lots of counting, colours, simple instructions, lots of laughing and a game of Duck Duck Goose. Dear Reader, we had to run!!!! And when we had to go against each other a super competitive edge appeared in us we had not known we had 😀

Ooooh and they had this little playhouse on the school field. We want one! Woolly Hugs HQ or maybe one for each project?!