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Belarus Blog. The most wonderful afternoon

What a great afternoon was in store for us at the secondary school in Protosevichi with a vibrant concert of traditional dancing and singing. Truly moving. Loved the emotion, pride and passion of the children, as they sang and danced their hearts out. This is a very small school with a strong community based heart. Just a few pics and when we get get stronger wifi we can add some YouTube clips. Many of the older children have been to Bristol for a holiday. The younger ones will be looking forward to their turn.

There is a clip of these children below dancing on our Facebook page. So beautiful.

Now came the challenge. Watch carefully they said. Was like the Generation Game. But Woollies, we like to think we did not let you down 😀

Two dances for us to join in with. One round the sticks, like a polka the other with a partner. SADLY no photos or film of this! We nailed it though. Obvs!!

And our school visit was over. Wonderful to be able to gift the Hearty Hearts, thank you so much everyone again for making them.

The rest of the day was to be taken up visiting the Chernobyl 2018 in their homes. We are with Andy who leads the group, so knows all the children and Terry and Charlie who both hosted last summer and so it was to be marvellous for them to see their children again and meet their parents for the first time. We felt overwhelmed with emotion just seeing this happen. Magic.

All these children had blankets from us last year. We dug out the Bristol collection photo to remind ourselves…


We couldn’t really take this in, still can’t. Seeing these fabulous children again, one year on with their much loved and clearly precious blankets in their own homes. Very very special.

This is Sacha in front of a huge Welcome to Belarus poster her family had made. Her mum says she loves her blanket so much and thank you xx

These two families live out near the school in farm tied accommodation. Our next visit was to see two girls who live in central Osipovichi.

Found it! Eighth floor. Would like to say we ran up. We didn’t. Grateful for the lift!

Both Anastasia…

And a Hearty Heart for the little sister who at nearly 3 was going to have to wait a long time before she has her visit!

And onto our last family. To catch up with a lad called Roma. Had a brief stop off to see the sunset at this beautiful lake which was on the way. Huge thanks to Inessa and Irina for being our guides and taxi service around town!

We love Roma’s front garden! Want flowers like these!

And with his blanket. Again clearly much loved and used. It gets desperately cold here and his mum said how he loves being cosy and wrapped up.

And our day was nearly over. We can’t thank Inessa and Iryna for all their translations and taxiing, always cheerful and endlessly patient! And the families, what welcomes we received. Belarusian hospitality is extraordinary. In every home we were welcomed with an amazing array of traditional Belarusian foods and drinks. Many many toasts in vodka. Wonderful people, fabulous times!

And we were exhausted!

Will be coming back to this with more photos!