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Christmas Crafts for Yorkhill 2012

Christmas Crafts for Yorkhill 2012


When we offered to make some Little Hugs for Yorkhill Hospital, we also talked to them about their Christmas Fundraiser. 

As part of our support, we offered to help by making some little things that could be sold on a craft stall to help raise funds for the hospital.

So here we are, asking you if you could help in anyway.
If you could make one small thing, we would be so grateful.

We have an idea of the types of things that have been popular in the past and have a few idea of our own such as:

  1. Little hats
  2. Little cardis
  3. Christmas Decorations
  4. Little bags and purses
  5. Christmas stockings
  6. Bunting
  7. Knitted or crocheted softies
  8. Brooches
  9. Cotton washcloths
  10. Napkins
  11. Coasters
  12. Stocking fillers

Although it is a Christmas event, the goodies needn’t necessarily be Christmassy.Any other suggestions are welcomed with open arms. If you have any patterns or links that would help to inspire others we’d be grateful for those too.

We have a Last Posting date of 17th November 2012 so that we can ensure that all the goodies arrive in time for the Christmas event.

As always, thank you so much for your support.