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2016. A Woolly Year in Review

As 2016 comes towards its close, we’d like to thank all for their brilliant support this year, for every stitch, every penny, every moment, every word, every resource, every Post office queue, everything! Your love and compassion seem boundless, never failing to amaze us with your generosity and spirit. We ask so much, but everywhere we look, Woolly Hug folk are being utterly marvellous. We seem to say this every year now, but it has been an extraordinary year. We easily get overwhelmed looking at the whole Woolly picture, it is an awful lot to take in!

Donors and crafters alike, what you do means so much to our families, our coming together for our Woolly Hug blanket making is very special indeed. Thanks to you too, our ongoing projects are stronger than ever. From here in the UK to as far away as Kurdistan, Lesbos, Syria, Malawi, Belarus, Ghana and the Philippines, children and their families are feeling love, warmth, support and comfort through our Billie’s Blankets, Little Hugs, Kinship Hugs, Christmas Hugs and Children of Chernobyl blankets. An astonishing 300+ blankets have been sent as part of our Refugee project this year alone, with about a quarter made using separate squares folk send, everyone contributing what they can (huge thanks here to our wonderful Construction Crew!) scarves, jumpers, cardis, mittens, bootees, and over 1700 hats have gone too, the quantity is truly humbling. So much love and woolly warmth going to folk who really need support, our thoughts are with all the families. Thinking too of all the families who have received our Angel Hugs in incredibly bleak and devastating times. Love in every stitch we say and it really is true.

We were completed chuffed to bits when in June we finally became a full charity, so thrilled that Woolly Hugs and the wonderful work everyone does for others was recognised. Was a very special day, and involved much joyful shrieking from us we’ll not deny 😀

And none of us stopped there, raising funds for other charities, recently Hope not Hate and The Alzheimer’s Society, just awesome, thank you.

All of this and JK Rowling’s retweet too.😃🎉👍

With your love and support we go on, we know we can’t help everyone, but together let’s help as many as we can, all info for all ongoing projects is on the website. There is even a section with tutorials for the complete novice if this is your resolution for the New Year! Our Chernobyl project 2017 is going to be bigger than ever, if you want to get a head start, crafting info is there too! And we have two brand new projects already lined up for early next year. No one can do any of this alone, we hope so much you will be with us. 2017 then, you ready? Let’s crack on!

Much love, heartfelt thanks and huge hugs from us xxxx