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2015. Woolly Hugs’ Easter Craft Sale for the amazing charity WAY

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Folk really are fabulous and have been asking about our Easter Craft sale. We are delighted to confirm it will be going ahead, and that we have chosen the amazing charity WAY (Widowed and Young) to be our recipient. Across the UK, WAY provides peer-to-peer emotional and practical support to young widowed men and women – married or not, with or without children, whatever their sexual orientation – as they adjust to life after the death of their partner. Their peer to peer support is run by a network of volunteers who themselves have been bereaved at a young age, so really understand what folk are going through. For many they have been, and sadly will be, a vital lifeline. Amazing work in desperate and bleak times, and we know they have supported several lovely folk within our Woolly Hugs community.
We’d love to do something for them now.

We are going to run an online Easter Craft sale in a similar way to previous sales. All funds raised will be donated to WAY.

We’d love your help…
We are looking to make and sell small/lightweight Eastery/Spring/ Generally gorgeous items. Sewn, crocheted, knitted, any crafty crafts, the how is up to you! To keep postage costs to a minimum we ask that ideally anything made can be sent on to a buyer in a ‘Large’ envelope. Bigger items are welcome too, we are just aware of postal charges!

Some suggestions for you but we are open to others!
* Easter decorations – chicks, eggs, sheeeeps, rabbits.
* Easter/spring bunting/ garlands, decorations
* Brooches, keyrings, purses, accessories
* Other Lovely Things???!!!

Last posting for crafts to be SATURDAY 7th MARCH. 
Please message for posting information. Thank you so much.

If you’d like to contribute funds to help the sale (support other crafters, help with postage costs) then we’d love to hear from you. This will be a big team effort, and donors will make a difference to what we can achieve here, and we’d be very grateful. Our paypal is admin@woollyhugs.com and please make sure you add a contact name and note that it is for WAY.

The Sale itself will take place over the weekend  March 20th / 22nd.  

It will be run through an Event page on Facebook (MNWoollyHugs) , with a selection of items on our Auction site here on the website to help those not on FB

Fingers crossed this will be a great success and we can help the lovely folk at WAY help even more lovely folk.

Thoughts are with those who have very sadly needed WAY’s support, especially amongst the Woolly Hug family. xx

We are truly grateful for all support, heartfelt thanks xxxx


2013 : Christmas Craft Fundraiser for Winston’s Wish

We are really pleased to be announcing our Woolly Hugs’ Christmas fundraiser for 2013. We hope that you will be able to help us in some way. Our thead on Mumnset is here, do join us.

Winston’s Wish are an amazing charity who help bereaved children re-adjust to life after the death of a parent or sibling, offering practical support and guidance. Winston’s Wish have helped many families within our Woolly Hugs and Mumsnet communities, and we would very much like to do something now to help them.  To read more about the work they do, see here

Here’s how you can join in…

We are looking to make and sell small/lightweight Christmas craft items, and to keep postage costs to a minimum we ask that ideally anything made can be sent on to a buyer in nothing bigger than a Large envelope. (35cm by 25cm, no thicker than 2.5cm, 750g max )

Some suggestions for you, but we are very open to others too
* Christmas tree and other decorations
* Little bags and purses
* Christmas stockings
* Bunting
* Gift tags
* Gift bags
* Craft kits
* Brooches, hair accessories, key rings
* Stocking fillers

Sewn, crocheted, embroidered, knitted, tis up to you!
Last posting for crafts to be Saturday 30th November please.
Please contact us for the posting information.

If you would like to contribute funds to help others craft we would love to hear from you.

Woolly Hugs’ Christmas Craft Sale – The sale itself will take place between Friday 6th and Sunday 8th December, and will be run through our Woolly Hugs Facebook page. All details of which we will be sharing here, on FB and Twitter nearer the time.

If contributing towards materials or paying for a purchase, please add a note in Paypal that it is for Winston’s Wish, and a contact name.

The randomly generated Draw for the Woolly Hug will be made after the close of the Christmas Craft Sale. Craft items will be sent via second class post during the week beginning Monday 9th December. We will pay all money raised into the Winston’s Wish account that week too.

Huge thanks once again. Fingers crossed this will be a great success for Winston’s Wish.





How to Win the Woolly Hug

* Anyone who makes something for the Craft sale will be entered into the free Draw.
* Anyone who contributes towards materials for crafters will be entered in the free Draw.
* Anyone who buys something (through Paypal) will be entered into the free Draw.
Our Paypal is admin@woollyhugs.com


The Woolly Hug was won by MOSAgain. Congratulations!


June 2013 : The Auction for Kate-Lynne’s Wish 

Our Auction is now FINISHED and was won with a bid for £275. Huge thanks!

We were so very sorry to learn that back in January this year, Mitchell81’s beloved daughter Kate-Lynne had passed away, she was just twelve. Some of you may well remember Mitchell from the SN boards, her thread is here.

Much love to the whole family, we are thinking of your beautiful daughter.

Keeping her spirit alive, her family have set up the amazing charity Kate-Lynne’s Wish and we would very much like to help them. The charity’s aim is to help local families (in the Deeside, Aberdeenshire area) who have disabled children or children with additional needs who need extra help to fund equipment and things to make their lives easier. Please visit/like/share/support their page, and also have a look at their website which is here.

So this is where we come in. We are offering a rare opportunity to bid for a Woolly Hug. Kate-Lynne’s family call her their Pink Princess so it seemed fitting we should use as many shades of pink as we could find. The Hug is 110 cm by 142cm which is 43″ by 56″. It is made in our usual wools so machine washable, just dry flat or draped over something.

Perfect size for a child or a sofa. It is snuggly and made with love.

Our Kate-Lynne’s Wish Auction will run over 4 days through an event on our Facebook page MNWoollyHugs, if not on FB bids may also be made via text to our special hotline. Please PM for the number. ALL BIDS MUST BE POSTED DIRECTLY ON THE WALL OF OUR FB EVENT PAGE OR TEXTED AND WE WILL ADD THEM THERE. Please do not post bids here they will not count. We will keep this thread updated of any progress.

The auction will close at 9pm on Friday 14th June. Any late bids will not count! It may take us a few minutes after to confirm the winning bid as we will need to look at bids on the page and any by text. In the event of a tie we will contact the two concerned and give them one more chance to make a bid. In the event of a further tie, we will draw one of their names from a hat.

We know we have our fabulous Band of International Blanketeers, and we are very happy to send the Hug overseas, but bids must be made in Sterling, or we will get in a right pickle. Ideally payment will be via Paypal straight into the KLW account, we can give you their details, but we will happily talk about other ways to pay too.

So please join us, there are photos on the Facebook event page and we will post more as we go along. You will agree the money is going to a very worthwhile charity. Thank you

Pistey and Knotty thanks


Thinking of Kate-Lynne X

MrsY’s auction for Sands, The Stillbirth and Neonatal Death charity

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Link to the original thread is here

In September 2012, MrsY ran an auction to raise money for Sands, The Stillbirth and Neonatal Death charity, in memory of their son, Benedict, who was stillborn on 10th April 2012. During the course of the auction, 153 families would lose a baby at birth or shortly after. One is too many.

From all of us, we donated a Woolly Hugs blanket, lovely MrsY blogged about it and us, the link is here. we are very glad to report it is with its new owner. She is a fellow Mumsnetter who very sadly has also experienced the devastating loss of a beloved child.

She wanted us to share her thanks with you all:

“I have had the very exciting task of opening my Woolly Hugs box this evening. The blanket is absolutely beautiful, and the first thing I did was wrap it around myself and think of all the love that went into making it. It is the most amazing wonderful feeling, knowing that so much care and dedication went into making the squares and sewing them together. The overall effect is stunning, and it will give me a lot of comfort whenever I think of Charlie and cuddle the blanket around me. It will be used an awful lot, and it will not be kept for ‘best’ but used all the time.I will treasure it forever, and will always think of the love and caring of the MN Woolly Hugs gang and everyone associated with it.  Many thanks again from a very pleased and grateful recipient”

We are so pleased that this Woolly Hug, like others before it, will bring comfort and will be treasured.We thank her kind and generous donation to this special cause. Thinking of her and her darling son, Charlie. ♥