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The van is on its way!

Text from the wonderful CCLL.
Yesterday the our minibus was loaded to the roof. Lots of wounderful donations for children and their families in #ukraine including 150 blankets and 5 boxes of rechargeable torches and powerbanks from Woolly Hugs and 100’s of School in a Bag sets.
With our CEO Dennis Vystavkin at the wheel it is now on it’s way to Lublin, Poland via Holland where Dennis will be visiting various suppliers that are supporting our partners Благодійний фонд “Єлеон”/Charitable foundation Eleon
On Wednesday he will be joined in Lublin by Michael Lafferty and Andy March, together with Ginny and Gertie from Woolly Hugs to give a short respite break for up to 90 Ukrainian children.

“All blankets are on board”

“All blankets are on board” Dennis has started loading the CCLL minibus as he (and his mum) will be heading out on Saturday/Sunday ready tp meet us in Lublin. He is stopping off in Holand to speak to some supplier supporters on behalf of our Ukrainian/Polish partner charity Eleon.

2024. Billie’s Butterfly Blankets for a London Children’s Hospice

Some of you will remember our 2017 project to to help support bereaved families at a London children’s hospice, by making special blankets for the bed in their Butterfly Suite (post bereavement room) to to dress the bed with. The photo here shows the four we made that year.

At an intensely bleak and dark time there is still something very positive and personal that together we can do for the child and their family.

Our blankets have been loved and used many times over the years, and in one case a bereaved family have taken their home, which is perfect. But it is now time to remake, and we hope you will help us. The hospice like to have these blankets in hand for time to come so that they can be ready.

Our blankets are always handmade with love and compassion and so are perfect. We can help care for the whole family at this time by covering the child in bed so they look comfortable and cosy whilst sending love and a hug to their bereaved parents. Loved and looked after.

We need your help to achieve this for them, we always say love in every stitch and it will be true again this time, thank you so much if you feel you can help. Our aim is to make four single bed sized blankets again, two suitable for younger children and two for older. The hospice have asked for soft colours and with a butterfly theme

If you’d like to donate funds to help us achieve this, please message us, or if you need resources to take part then do let us know. We don’t want anyone unable to take part due to cost.

Crafting info

We will be using Stylecraft Special DK as blankets will need to be very practical, SIX inch squares made using 4mm hook or needles. Knit or crochet equally welcome.

The colours…

Duck egg, grape, sage, storm, parchment, pale rose, raspberry, cloud blue, sherbert.

NB – Just these please, no blocking of squares and please knot off sturdily when changing colours or finishing, leave a good end and use a needle to sew in the peskies.


Simple squares are very welcome, but if looking for an idea for theme, these are their suggestions…

  • Butterflies/Hearts
  • Teddies, cars, toys, cats etc
  • Stars, leaves, feathers etc




Last posting please to be Saturday 27th January.

Thank you doesn’t seem enough, but the most enormous thank you. xxx

Looking forward! The Great Spring/Easter Craft Sale and Auction 2024. March 5-9th

Thank you so much for joining us.  All funds raised will go directly into our own Woolly Hug projects. Every penny raised will go to help others, we hope you will support us, either by crafting, buying or even maybe both! Thank you so so much. x

Crafting info…

We would love our crafters to make Spring/Easter craft items, and to keep postage costs to a minimum we ask that ideally anything made can be sent on to a buyer in a large envelope. We are open to larger items too obviously, that is just a guide. We will then sell these beauties through the sale.

Some suggestions for you, but we are very open to others too…

  1. Spring and Easter decorations, bunting, garlands, Easter egg themes etc
  2. Anything sheep wise is always popular!
  3. Small gifts – Little bags, purses, brooches, hair accessories, key rings, gift bags, tags,
  4. Clothing – but lightweight please, we find heavier winter hats, scarves don’t sell well at this time. PLEASE include the yarn type or ball band so we can let folk know how to wash their new treasure. Socks are always very popular!
  5. Woolly, fabric, card, embroidered, beaded, all crafty crafts welcome!!
  6. Lovely lovely things!

Absolute last posting for crafts to be February 12th please, earlier is better for us if at all possible.

Please message for the posting information if you need, but it will be Teddington.

The Event itself…

Our Spring/Easter 2024 Craft sale and Auction will take place ONLINE on a Facebook Event page and our own Auction site attached to this website as before, between Tuesday 5th March and Saturday 9th March. ( Sunday is Mothers’ day)

Some items will be up for instant sale on our event wall during this time, others through auction on our Auction Site which will help folk not on Facebook, or those who prefer to take part in this way. Do message us if you have any questions.

We are keeping it all crossed that this Sale will be a huge success, with your love and support we have every confidence, huge heartfelt thanks.


Woolly Hugs goes to Poland, Christmas 2023

Absolutely delighted to now be able to share this with you. We are joining Andy and Dennis from the CCLL on their trip to Lublin, Poland just before Christmas.  (Dec 14th – 19th)

A large group of 10-14 year old Ukrainian children from Korosten district will be arriving into Poland for a respite break and will be accompanied by 5 leaders – 4 of whom are English teachers.  There are two days of activities planned, including something with some Ukrainian children and their families already refugeed in Lublin. Lublin is about 50 miles from the Ukrainian border.

And then on the Saturday we get to be there to be with the Ukrainian children and help give our blankets out. OUR CHERNOBS! Our beautiful blankets to these 150 beautiful children!  Can you image how precious a time this will be? We are beyond thankful that this is actually a possibility! Just wow.

Each and every one of you will be with us in spirit. We take you all in our hearts.

As with our trip to Belarus we intend to blog and even Vlog where possible. We found this worked really well, and wifi might be easier this time!

We are flying with Andy March to Warsaw, and then driving to Lublin. Dennis is driving all our blankets plus a lot more from Alton. That’s over 1000 miles in a van!

Our beautiful blanket collection can be seen here….

So so happy we can do this, we will take as many photos as we can! As Dennis says our blankets are so much more than just a blanket. They give love, support, warmth and comfort.

We have one more ask. In the past we have made stockings for children just like these. We are asking for something fundamental this time. If you would like to send along an additional gift for one of the children living in Ukraine, please read on. The charity are developing the idea of a grab bag for these kids. So if they have to go suddenly into a shelter they have a bag with a full water bottle, something to read, something to keep warm, which could be our blankets and a torch. Its the torch we are asking for. It is a specific type, a rechargeable torch so no need for replacement batteries. It is awful that this is their life experience, they had so little to start with, now coping with ongoing war.

Torches can be purchased on Amazon Prime here and in the sale right now.  beacsue of pressures on time please get these sent directly to..


Chernobyl Children’s Lifeline, 6 Hartley Business Park, Selborne Road, Alton, GU34 3HD.

Any to go in the van on THIS trip, need to have arrived by Dec 8th. Anything that will arrive after the 8th will be going across to Ukraine in mid Jan 24.