Friday started with a two hour walk around Lublin’s fabulous outdoor museum. Absolutely beautifully done, this museum chronicles the history of architecture and life in this part of Poland. For the Ukrainian children a lot seemed very familiar. It’s so important that we all look for things that are similar than always look for differences. Just a few pics. It was also wonderful to get these kids out walking freely.

The tiniest village style Catholic church. Very simple on the outside, highly ornate and filled with icons on the inside. such a beautiful nativity scene too.

Then onto an amazing centre, part eco part activity, community centre. They run activities for Ukrainian refugees. The kids were given a pizza making work shop. Then there were fabulous crafts, games, chess, challenges, music. All the kids were so busy and engaged. Marvellous

Then back to the kids hotel for some very complex Angel making! It was a kind of foldy paper thing. Should have been east but OH MY!!

Wearing your Woolly Hug to do some Christmas craft. Priceless.

The kids were exhausted and bed time was calling. Then we were back in our van to our hotel.

It had been a wonderfully busy and productive day.

Minibus back to our hotel. This is a familiar view now!