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Belarus Blog. The Wheels on the Bus. Thursday morning

Collected at 9am, we were off to school in classic Belarusian school bus! Thursday was looking like a very busy day. Our itinerary is below…

It was to be a day filled with school visits, dropping in to the kindergarten (so cute) who performed a show for us which was adorable. These children are aged 4-6 years. One day they’ll visit the UK!

So onto the secondary school, which was utterly wonderful. Until very recently all their water was drawn from the well in their playground. Lots of pics below….

So privileged to meet again the (Chernobs) children who visited Bristol last summer and being in on meetings for families with children coming this summer. Above, last year’s children are doing a presentation for next year’s group. You can see in the slide top right pics of the blanket handover in 2018!

Inessa and Irina were acting as translators. It was just lovely to see the children again. They have really grown! We were to visit several at home later in the afternoon how exciting!

So onto a meeting with the Headteacher in her office, before lunch. Any experience we’d had being sent to the Head back in the day was put into the shade. Because look what we were given <beam>

Cognac. <slurp>


Wednesday afternoon to follow!

Belarus Blog. A warm welcome to Osipovichi.

Had a wonderful evening with the brilliant teachers, Inessa, Iryna and Valentina from Osipovichi and the Bristol link members with us here, Andy, Charlie and Terry hosted by the fabulous Alesya and husband Sasha at their home. Gorgeous Belarusian nosh inc draniki (potato pancakes) a very popular dish found in Belarus cuisine. Draniki’s main ingredients are grated potatoes and onions though some recipes also include meat, bacon, mushrooms and cheese. Served with sour cream. Yum!

Lots of laughing, lots of vodka. Trying to introduce the phrase saywotnow (yay) into Belarus. It’s going well. 🙂

Back to the workers’ hostel in Osipovichi. Our twin room is covered with wool, blankets and hearty hearts. Just like home really!

We are two hours ahead. Must sleep. Night all xxxx

Belarus Blog. We are here!

And so are all the Billie’s Blankets and Hearty Hearts. Oh what a PHEW!!

We nearly had to open the vac packed blankets in customs. Which would have been interesting and impossible to repack. Fortunately they changed their minds….

Belarus Blog. In the bar at Gatwick!

Good news. We are in the right place at the right time. They have accepted our luggage even though the Billie’s Blanket bag has had to go as oversized. Rude! It did fortunately scrape in at 22.9kg (out of 23) In for the win! All the hearty hearts are in too.

So we are in the bar. Relieved.

It’s good.

Belarus Blog. 23kg of Billie’s Blankets, all hail vac packing!

So we (G&G) leave for Osipovichi, Belarus this coming Wednesday and having talked about making the trip for about ten months, it feels like it’s come around very quickly. With us we are delighted to be taking 23kg of Billie’s Blankets, all Hearty Hearts, as well as some requested Lego kits and as much Sudocrem as possible. Ooooooo and two space hoppers! Around this we are going to squeeze in clothes for us, although the option of wearing everything on the plane has been discussed! We also and very definitely take all the Woolly Hugs’ crew with us in spirit.

We can do this…

Discovered the joys of vac packing (late adopters here) and it genuinely was very exciting (saddos) but the glories of it mean we can get at least 50 blankets in our 23kg quota. And that’s fabulous.

We shall be updating our Belarus Blog frequently, please do follow us. We know for sure parts of this trip will be very challenging emotionally and it will really help to know the Woolly Hug crew are with us.

The Blog automatically shares to our Twitter feed, we will share links onto Facebook and Instagram.

Thank you for every item we are taking with us. Truly and always love in every stitch. xxx