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Chernobyl 100 update. ( Posted 17/7/23)

We are beyond delighted to have made our 100 target. Truly astonishing work from everyone! We can’t thank you enough! THANK YOU!

We heard recently that we can reach more children than was initially thought which is why we’ve been cracking on with kits for construction in the last few days. Every blanket will count!

Our new target will be 125!

We don’t need any more squares for 2023, however, if you had a Chernobyl blanket that wasn’t quite finished and you can get it done by September 18th, we would love to receive it. Thank you. We are just about to go on our summer break, but have said to construction crew that posting back of Chernobyl kit blankets should now be between September 1st and 18th. This falls in our summer break, but we’d like to get them in ahead. So this is our new time frame. Posting is Teddington.

If you have taken on a kit and don’t think you will be able to make this deadline, please shout, life happens, we can get it onto another crafter, no problems!

The plan looking forward for delivery, will be much the same as last year, children will be coming out of Ukraine for respite breaks. Our blankets will be driven over in October/November. THANK YOU EVERYONE!

From the delivery last year!
2022 delivery.