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Welcome to our Summer of Woolly Love 2021!

Welcome to our Summer of Woolly Love 2021!

We go on our summer break from Sunday 25th July (posting to us stops for the summer on July 3rd) and we will be back on September 13th. It has been another challenging time and we can’t thank everyone enough for all your hard work, compassion and enthusiasm, we know now that the Woolly Hugs crew are made of stern stuff. This year so far has been utterly exhausting in many ways and we are so truly grateful to the Woolly Hugs crew for keeping the faith and the wool going!

We know that many of you love a summer break project, some of you certainly need to be kept out of mischief 🙂 and if you need yarn to take part, please do message us.

Little Hugs for teens in GOSH ICU

We would like to make as many squares as possible for blankets for our wonderful teens in ICU in Great Ormond Street. Having dropped off the most enormous collection recently, we need to have more for the Autumn! Six or twelve inch squares please, knit or crochet. Not too lacy, but otherwise style, single colour/mixed colour, complexity etc totally up to you. What we would ask is that you double knot to finish (or colour change) and use a needle to sew your ends in. We have had a recent spate of collapsing squares and these blankets will have a hard life in terms of frequent washing so must be STURDY. If looking to make a whole blanket, it needs to be minimum 48 inches by 60 inches, so single bed sized.

We plan to use our Vibrant Riot palette as it is so super cheery.

Last posting for our Summer of Woolly Love project is Saturday 25th September


If you are looking for even more things to do…

We ALWAYS need Candy’s Hugs

And before we know it, it will be time for our Christmas Craft Sale! This year we will be supporting the Children’s Cancer and Leukaemia Group.

Our Snugs for Christmas are underway too!

As our our Christmas Cwtches!

So who is up for our summer crafting challenge?!

We are so truly grateful for absolutely everything you all do. Please do have a restful summer. Stay well, message if you need us, we will be around to help messages etc, but possibly not every day.  Huge love to you and yours

Ginny and Gertie xxxx