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Belarus Blog. A warm welcome to Osipovichi.

Had a wonderful evening with the brilliant teachers, Inessa, Iryna and Valentina from Osipovichi and the Bristol link members with us here, Andy, Charlie and Terry hosted by the fabulous Alesya and husband Sasha at their home. Gorgeous Belarusian nosh inc draniki (potato pancakes) a very popular dish found in Belarus cuisine. Draniki’s main ingredients are grated potatoes and onions though some recipes also include meat, bacon, mushrooms and cheese. Served with sour cream. Yum!

Lots of laughing, lots of vodka. Trying to introduce the phrase saywotnow (yay) into Belarus. It’s going well. 🙂

Back to the workers’ hostel in Osipovichi. Our twin room is covered with wool, blankets and hearty hearts. Just like home really!

We are two hours ahead. Must sleep. Night all xxx