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Spring Craft Sale 2017

Up and down the country, fabulous folk are making small craft items which we will sell during our Spring Craft Sale. Visit the Auction Page starts March 23rd at 12 noon. Other items will be sold through our Facebook Event Page starting at 2pm on 23rd. It all finishes at 9pm on Saturday 25th!

Butterflies and hearts. A very special Yarn Bomb, can you help us?

It is Billie’s anniversary coming upon April 27th, and we have a plan with her mum to yarn bomb the bench her family have installed in her memory in their local park. We need lovely crafters to help us achieve this. Is this something you might be able to help us with? It would be wonderful if so, thank you!!!!! xxx

This is Billie and our ongoing project in her name. 


Crafting info

  • Stylecraft Special DK only please because if we are blessed with a lot we be attaching them to the next collections of Billie’s Blankets, and need to be confident in the yarn used.
  • 2D or 3D but not too hefty please, and around the 5cm – 8cm size mark.
  • Please leave ONE tail for attaching, please sew the other in!
  • Colours – All the pinky pinks, particularly fondant and fiesta. Aspen and Turquoise. Saffron and Sunshine and Shrimp
  • Last posting please April 18th to the Teddington address, please message if you need it. xx

Some suggested heart and butterfly patterns, please share any others you may have, especially if anyone has a good knitted butterfly embellishment one!