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The Blanket for Daisydotandgertie

Welsh born MrD was a horticulturalist, he loved all flowers, particularly spring flowers, sweet peas and roses, he also loved spots and stripes. The link to daisydotandgertie’s original thread is here. Thinking of her beloved DH X

Thank you all so, so much.

My woolly hug arrived yesterday and I have alternated between being in floods of tears and feeling very comforted ever since.

It is the most beautiful thing – love just oozes out of every inch of it and the talent that has gone into making it is incredible. I wish I could show it to MrD – he would love it. The detail, the flowers, the Labradors and the sheep! The stripes and spots and just plain cleverness are glorious.

I wish I’d been strong enough to come on here yesterday and thank you all, but I wasn’t. I can’t articulate how much comfort this woolly thing has given me – something created by strangers who made the time to support me. I am moved beyond words and am very, very honoured to have it.

Thank you. Daisy xx