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The Blanket for lemontruffles

Cariad Anfarwol : Love Everlasting

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” Oh, I can’t tell you how moved I am by this amazing gift, how pretty it is, and how warm I am snuggled up under it 😀 it seems even more extraordinary now that I’m just sitting at home, in my usual everyday place on the sofa, yet I’m the astonishingly lucky owner of this wonderful present. I’m very slow at coming to terms with deeply emotional events, like this afternoon has been for me, and it takes me a time to ‘process’ things, I just don’t have any words because I was/am so thrilled and deeply moved by all your kindness.

I have shown many of my friends photos of my blanket, and they have all gasped! The universal feeling is that it is thing of true beauty, both physical and for the love woven into it. Well, last night, for the first night this year, I was warm and very cosy in my bed, and slept peacefully and deeply like a child. And, of course, I woke up and the first thing I could see were the gorgeous colours around me. I can feel the love and comfort woven into every square, I really can!” with loads of love, Lemontruffles xxx