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The Fabric Quilt for Edgar

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“It’s beautiful!
DD1 picked out a few (I Like That Fishy! I Like That Bu’Fly! OOOH! Piwates!)
I had a very big cry over ‘smiley balloon’ because it is such a nice thought from the little boy that drew it out.
Thank you Orm for the blanket ones, they look like happy animals.

The elephants are very lovely, that purple is great…and all the way from Bangkok ! just imagining the heat of the Bangkok afternoon on two squares heading into the post….
Leo could only just say ‘El’phant’ Meeting an elephant in Bangkok was a lovely experience…and the symbolism is good. Elephants don’t forget

And the wonderful stitched butterfly, smile sad  He did love butterflies. DD1 was scared of them for some reason…but she liked that one.

Thank yousmile Poor long suffering DH had a big blub looking at it with me (particularly the beautiful butterfly) and says a big hairy thank you.” thanks