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The Blanket for CheeseandGherkins

“Just had a lovely visit from Ratherbeonthepiste who brought me the beautiful blanket that you lovely people have made for me. It was lovely to me her, she’s a really lovely lady smile

I’ve just sat and looked through my blanket again and I cannot believe all the work that must have gone into it, and all the thoughts, it means such an incredible amount to me. It’s totally gorgeous. The colours are wonderful and the squares are all so beautiful and vibrant. I love every single one of them. There are butterflies, teddies, stars, angel, cat, initials of all the children, flowers, leaves and so many amazing colours; I’m sure I’ll be noticing new things all the time smile

Thank you all so, so much. It is truly wonderful and will get many cuddles. For those that might not know, I’m 30 weeks pregnant today with another little girl so my intention is to use it for her also, which I hope is ok (fingers crossed all going well). I’m due to have her in 6/7 weeks time smile It’s not been an easy time, far from it, so this has come at a most appropriate point for me.

I’ll get some photos taken later on hopefully and upload them as well. I cannot get over how beautiful it is, it feels amazing too, so soft. Thank you all again and thanks to the lovely Ratherbeonthepiste for bringing it to me. xxx”

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