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The Blanket for DashingRedhead’s family

Would you be able to post the following thank you message up on the thread. I really want to thank each and every individual who has contributed, am moved to tears.

“Dear lovely Mumsnetters and the community of Woolly hugs”,

It is now 18 months since Nikki died, and although our lives are more bearable and our children being so much happiness there isn’t a day that goes by when we don’t miss Nikki.

Also, at a time when so much seems to be going wrong in the world acts of such generosity love and kindness are even more special.

As you know, Nikki, DashingRedhead, was a very keen Mumsnetter and the wonderful community provided a lot of support to her all though her illness and to us after they died.

The colours are Nikki’s autumn colours. I love how the patchwork squares that include all four of our initials, the female symbol to show her feminism, shamrocks and Celtic crosses for her Irish heritage and peacocks for her Burmese.

There is music, wine, sea shells (she loved living by the sea, as well as visiting the Rosslaire beaches of her father) and even handbags to show how much she loved playing Miss Prism in the Importance of Being Earnest in a school production. Last but not least there are minions.

This really captures the essence of Nikki. I am not in any way religious myself but I am absolutely certain that Nikki would have loved it too. I am just bowled over.

Thank you once again. Geoff. x

The Blanket for WhereDoAllTheCalculatorsGo

Dear woolly hugs I’m trying to put into words how I felt when I opened the parcel with my big woolly hug in it this morning… Words don’t seem enough somehow, everything I write is an understatement and seems inadequate. I am thrilled yet so sad. I am deeply touched by the care, love and skill that has gone into it, yet wish that I had never needed one to be made for me. I am delighted with all of the different squares; hearts, flowers, butterflies, owls, planes, cars (and margarita glasses of course!) Yet full of pain that I am sat here alone without Bill at my side to share it. It holds a very special place in my heart, I know I will never be without it and wrapping myself up in it feels amazing. Yesterday would have been our wedding anniversary, it was a difficult day and I was wracked with sobs of misery and pain. Today I feel more at peace. Thank you x

The Blanket for Beccajo’s family

Thanks to everyone who had an input into our wonderful Wooly Hug. Its beautiful, and so big and warm and snuggly and heavy.

There is so much detail in every square, and I keep finding new details that I havn’t seen yet.

The kids & I had a trip to RHS Wisley today, which was one of our special places, we used to go there as a family and have a picnic

Our original thread is here, with some photos of the children with their blanket….

The Blanket for jchocchip

Thank you so much for the lovely quilt, I really like the colours and the individual squares have so much work in. It arrived yesterday, whilst I was at work, though really wanting to be at the funeral of a very dear friend I met on mumsnet. So a strange day with very mixed feelings. I am looking forward to spreading the quilt out properly at the weekend, I will be cleaning the house and putting up my decorations and can guard it from the cat (!).

The good days are generally more numerous than the bad now, though odd little things still set me off. This Christmas feels more normal than last year when I think I was still taking it all in. Wishing a Happy Christmas and New Year to all, love Jane x