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Chernobyl 100! Our Chernob Project 2023 for the Early Birds!

The invasion of Ukraine by Russia as we all know is incredibly devastating, some of our Chernob families have been able to leave, others have to stay, but the CLL continue to be astonishing in their efforts to support families. Even those who managed to flee now have incredible stuggles as funding ceases and finding accommodation or meeting basic needs are a challenge.

We can’t fix this, but we can do our part as best we can. We can confirm our project will run in 2023, and are launching it as Chernobyl 100. We aim to acheive 100 blankets!

Looking at what has just happened. Early in December 2022, 100 Ukrainian children were driven to Lubin in Poland by our friends at the Chernobyl Children’s Lifeline for a respite break with Christmas treats and Father Frost! We can only imagine how much this was needed. We have included a few pics from their trip. So delighted to see our name on their fireplace. These children already have very little, still with the threats from the legacy of Chernobyl , now with war looming all around and the impact that has on every part of daily life. Each child was given one of our blankets. This is overwhelming. What the Chernobyl Children’s Lifeline have done here is extraordinary, so glad these children and families have a warm blanket full of love from us. So glad we can do this. These kids are now all going back into Ukraine with the uncertainty, dangers and chaos. But they’re all taking love and woolly warmth from us. It doesn’t fix anything but it’s a tangible sign of love and care.

This means the world. Thank you!


So we hope you are all ready for Chernobyl 100 in 2023?!

For many years we have been making warm, comforting blankets for Belarusian and Ukrainian teenagers and children visiting the UK for recuperative holidays during the summer with the fabulous charity the Chernobyl Children’s Lifeline, Chernobyl Children’s Project and the Friends of Chernobyl’s Children. Devastatingly for the children and their families COVID and now war have put these trips on hold. But we can still get our blankets to the children! So much more than just a blanket, these Hugs send love, hope, friendship and warm comfort to the children and their families.

So in 2023 we hope to repeat this, and with your love and support we are very hopeful!

We need YOU!!

Here’s how you can help….

Squares. We need twelve inch squares in the Stylecraft Special DK palette as in photo,  if 12 is too much, 6 inch squares are fine too, just this yarn in these colours please, inc for embellishments so the blankets come together and are consistent for wash and wear. Knit and crochet equally welcome, beginner or expert, as simple or complex as you like, single colour, multi colour. Design of square up to you, but not too lacy, they need to be hardy. Please use a 4mm hook or needles. If sizing is a challenge with your pattern/tension, we prefer them just under sized rather than over!

SO IMPORTANT! Please ensure you knot off every end/colour change very very securely, leave approx a 6 inch tail end and use a needle to sew in. These blankets have to be super sturdy as there is no way back to fix them if squares collapse.

Whole blankets We know some crafters love to make their own whole blankets and this is wonderful! Please use SSDK. Finished blanket size remains the same at 48inches by 60 inches, and please work within the colour palette.

Donating funds As always we like to be inclusive and would love to send yarn to folks who otherwise would not be able to craft. In addition,we already know there will be the cost of transporting them to the children again and would be incredibly grateful to anyone who would like to donate funds for this project.

Our Paypal is admin@woollyhugs.com

Bank transfer

• We are a Cooperative account in the name of Woolly Hugs
• Account number: 65579631
• Sort code: 089299

Please do inc your name so we can thank you properly.
Any funds raised from our Spring/Easter sale in 2023 will be used to support this project too. 


In 2019 we were able to visit children at home who the previous year had received our blankets when visiting Bristol. Such an honour to be able to do this.