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Posting to us is restarting IN STAGES, please please read! Latest Coronavirus update. (31/05/20)


We hope that you and your loved ones are safe and well. This is not an easy time for any of us and we are all having to adjust to a new normal/ different way of living. The easing of the lockdown will bring its own challenges for sure. Nothing much has changed, all our family are at home full-time, our husbands working from home, home education for our children continues, we obviously have limited storage for wool in our houses. We are beginning to think how we can access our storage unit.

We genuinely worry about being overwhelmed! Additionally both our local post office/delivery staff are over stretched as it is. We are both only receiving post once, maximum twice a week as it is.

We have chatted this through and feel a staged return to posting is the way forward.

Please do read carefully. 


From tomorrow (June 1st until June 30th)

We are open for posting as below. Please post

  • Chernobs squares to SOUTHSEA
  • Whole Chernobs to TEDDINGTON
  • Any whole Candy’s Hug blankets to TEDDINGTON
  • Christmas Stockings to TEDDINGTON pls, absolutely no later than mid June. Any probs with these and we do understand,  but please message us
  • Any squares for the two latest MN blankest to TEDDINGTON pls


Then during July (July 1st -31st)

    • Any remaining Refugee project squares and items to SOUTHSEA
    • Billies Blankets to TEDDINGTON
    • Candy’s Squares, Kinship Squares to TEDDINGTON
    • Little Hugs/Angel Hugs/Angel Teds to TEDDINGTON
    • Chernobyl extras and Hugs for Heads to TEDDINGTON

We both obviously have to be very careful with post arriving into our homes, especially with the lack of knowledge about how long the virus lasts on surfaces like plastic. So it maybe that post arrives and we leave it a good while before opening. With all the restrictions of family around, us being spread very thinly we will photograph and upload as best we can. We absolutely appreciate everything everyone is doing and are so grateful and thankful.

Please keep a hold of Snugs (whole blankets and squares) and any Christmas blankets until September.

  • Our summer break this year will be between August 1st and September 12th, please no posting during that time, we will need to catch up.


From September 12th our posting resumes as normal.


We hope this makes sense, please do message us if you are in any doubt! Please do message us if you have any questions, and as always the most enormous love and thanks to everyone xxxx