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Latest Project Update (Coronavirus) Thursday 16th April 2020


We hope that you and your loved ones are safe and well. This is not an easy time for any of us and we are all having to adjust to a new normal/ different way of living.

There is still a lot of uncertainty with the Coronavirus pandemic and we thought an update would be helpful. We don’t have all the answers you will appreciate, but what thoughts we have we can share.

The main priority for us is without question the health and safety of our crafters and after our initial suspension of posting to us, have decided to extend this until June 1st.

Nothing is going to happen before this date, in terms of us sending on and we would MUCH rather folk avoided unnecessary post office queues etc. We still can’t access our storage and still fear being overwhelmed which with the lockdown and all family members at home would be very difficult!

Our Chernobyl project continues, although at the moment we don’t know of any more groups who will be coming over to the UK this year, some groups may possibly host in the Autumn/Winter. Some other groups are looking to go to visit children at home. Where possible, our blankets will go to our ‘Chernob’ children this year. Any that we have left will be held on to for next year. Ultimately, they will all have a child. Thank you so much for understanding, this the hardest hit project.  Deadline for squares and blankets then please is June 6th. 


The Christmas Stocking project for those taking part. We have spoken with Elizabeth and she is still going to be taking them. Remember they go to the children for Orthodox Christmas which is next January. The early deadline was to help them get everything over in advance. But it will all still happen. Deadline for stockings please is June 6th.


There are still plans in place for our Billie’s Blankets for the Children’s Cancer Hospital in Minsk to travel over, but if this has to change, it will rearranged at a later date. Deadline for Billie’s Blankets please is June 6th.


All our ongoing projects continue, this is so important, we can easily get yarn to those who need. All projects need help! We know that as many of you are confined to your homes you may be looking for something practical to get on with.  Maybe have a look?  Snugs will be happening later this year as will Christmas Cwtches. Deadlines soon, but please do get crafting. Colour palettes will remain the same for both. Do join us too for our Christmas Sale later this year (provisionally November 17-22nd) with a last posting for crafts October 31st. We know Christmas craft takes a long time and that folk like to start early!


Our Refugee Project posting window would have closed at Easter, so please send items that you have to us, soon after June 1st. We are having to rethink this project, long before the current health climate we were finding it increasingly difficult to get our items out to folk who needed it most, as fewer agencies are travelling or are now supporting folk in different ways. We have talked long and hard about this, it is very difficult to accept but it may be we have to change our focus. What we ask is that no one makes anything new for this project until we have had a chance to finalise our decision. Thank you xxx


We both fully acknowledge that we are very behind on photographing woolly treasure which arrived into the run up the the Spring Craft Sale and at the very beginning of the pandemic. We are TRULY apologetic! We are going to endeavour to catch up. It has been very challenging with children and husbands suddenly all at home.

We hope this helps, sorry we don’t have all the answers. Please do message us if you have any questions, and as always the most enormous love and thanks to everyone xxxx


Our next delivery of Little Hugs and Angel Hugs washed and ready to go after the lockdown. Thanks to Viki for all her help get them ready xxx