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The Blanket for SanJunipero

To everyone who contributed to our beautiful Woolly Hug,

Our blanket arrived this morning and it’s so, so lovely. I can’t imagine the hours and hours of work you all must have put into it – and you’ve never even met us. Thank you from the bottom of my heart; I love it, and promise we’ll treasure it forever.

There are so many beautiful little details; I’ve spread it out on the floor to look at and keep noticing new things – flowers, stars, rainbows, our initials, chicks, tea and cake, sewing, Harry Potter, little birds… even a hedgehog! Everything she loved is there.

I’ve been showing our son the blanket, and he particularly loves taking the little guinea pig and chick out of their pockets smile He was nine months old when my wife died and turned eighteen months last week, so he’s now got to the point where he’s had longer without her than with her. That’s been a sad thought for me over the past few days, so our Woolly Hug arrived just at the right time.

Thank you all again so very much.

C xxx