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Welcome to the Summer of Woolly Love 2019!

We know quite a few of our crafters like to have a project going on through the summer holidays, so welcome to our third Summer of Woolly Love!

We are focussing on two projects, both of which will be coming to an end in the run up to Christmas. One is new to us this year Christmas Cwtches and the other is our Snug for Christmas 2019.

Our challenge over the summer is to knit and or crochet as many 6 and 12 inch squares over the holidays for these two projects. So a perfect lightweight portable activity, perfect for sofa, train, park, beach, plane or car, or anywhere else you fancy!

  • General crafting info for either project…..
    The yarn is Stylecraft Special DK. ONLY this for consistency, please carefully check the palette for each project.
  • Squares to be ideally 12 inch , but 6 inch is acceptable too, crochet or knitted equally welcome, please use 4mm hook or needles.
  • No blocking necessary and please sew in ends, and make sure any colour changes are firmly knotted.
  • All crafting abilities genuinely welcome, squares made by beginner or expert will be equally cherished. Simple, complex, single colour, mixed colour. It really is the love and thought that counts.
    Important re finishing off squares!
  • We want to be able to use all squares, and need for them to be sturdy and built to last. Finishing off is key here and very easily done. So once finished (or changing colour) securely double knot off leaving about 6 inches of yarn cut the end off.
    Then using a needle, sew in the ‘pesky” end so that it disappears in the edge of your square.
  • All squares must have their ends sewn in please.

If you feel ambitious and would like to make a whole blanket for ether project, then that is wonderful, please do let us know asap, we are aiming for blankets approx 48 inches by 60 inches, certainly no smaller. Please do stick to the given yarn/colours though. 

1. Christmas Cwtches

The Christmas Cwtch palette

We were delighted when the staff at the Great North Children’s Hospital contacted us and asked for help. They would like some very special Little Hugs making to use in the run up to Christmas for very sick children in  hospital over this period. So we are looking for squares in the SSDK colours below. Christmas designs/themes/embellishments warmly welcomed. This project will help children and their families at very difficult times.

Christmas cwtches could also be made in these sort of colours in cotton Christmassy prints, lightweight quilts. These must be machine washable and tumble dry possible only please. Size wise we are aiming to send a mix of sizes from baby sized (24 inch squares) up to single bed sized.


The Christmas Cwtch palette

  • Claret
  • Cream
  • Grass green
  • Green
  • Kelly green
  • Lipstick


2. A Snug for Christmas

The Snug for Christmas 2019 palette



We are aiming to make blankets for children (0-16years) who are being looked after within the Children’s Family Trust. The Children’s Family Trust work with these children aiming to give them stability and security through to adulthood, helping them achieve their full potential, with the ideal being fostered within a family for life. We would like to make these children something permanent, that they can take with them wherever they are.  Snugs for Christmas 2019 will go to children in the NE region of England.




The Snug Palette

  • Aspen
    Cloud Blue
    Duck egg
    Storm Blue



Squares to be sent to us from September 14th, Snugs to Southsea, Christmas cwtches to Teddington, not before please as we are on our hollibobs.

Both of these projects will be continuing after the summer break.

Final Collection dates for squares and any whole blankets from individuals – will be Monday 21st October 2019. 


And a final part to our Summer of Woolly Love! Yes there will be a Christmas craft sale again this year in November! Crafting info later this week!