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The Blanket for JuanPotatoTwo

The blanket came today. I waited until the dc were all home – I have 4 (ds1 – 24, dd – 22, ds2 – 20 and ds3 – 13) – before I opened it. We all held it out between us and for about ten minutes none of us spoke (which is unprecedented). And then we went and stood in Mark’s dialysis unit (which is actually a small conservatory off the kitchen) which probably sounds strange, but he spent so much time in there that it felt fitting. And we just talked about this beautiful blanket that complete strangers had gone to so much time, trouble and expense to make for us. We were looking and talking (and crying!) for the best part of an hour – so much thought has gone into every square, it’s really humbling. The pictures truly don’t do it justice and I’m hoping to be able to pm everybody involved individually to thank them. But for now, please know that we are so touched and so grateful and that we love our Woolly hug. Xx

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Thank you so much again everyone xxx

We were able to make a cushion too xx