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The Woolly Hug for SupermansBigRedBottleofSpirits.

Our original thread is here. Thinking of beautiful baby Summer x

My mum and my lovely older daughter – she’s 9 now – opened it in the slowest manner imaginable just drinking it in. Tears flowed as we felt the rush of love and kindness flow from every single segment, my mum left us alone and we spread it out – it’s huge! – and discussed the pictures and patterns, the colours and styles, how it embodies Summer perfectly the whole entire beautiful amazing blanket I could kiss each and every one of you who donated, crocheted, knitted etc this amazing piece of artwork for us. Dp isn’t ready to look yet, he’s broken too badly inside right now with Sums birthday round the corner and ds god love the terror I’m not ready to let his gorgeous wee hands near it as he’s always covered in playdough/paint/lollypop stickiness – to be 2 again ?? – I adore it and I know dp will, it is a pure statement of love I’ll never forget and does my Sum proud. You are all amazing thank you xx